Why I Hate Naggers

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
July 21, 2018

Every time I discuss the NQ with anyone outside of the movement, I’m called an evil racist and a neon-Nazi White Supremacist bigot.

At some point between those two things, the other person usually asks “WHY DO YOU HATE THE BLACK PEOPLE THO?”

I’m going to answer that question in the most simple way possible.

I don’t hate them for the crimes, the leeching off of taxdollars, I don’t even hate them for how badly they smell or my personal dislike for the visible light coming from their body.

Obviously, I don’t like any of these things and they are bad enough to warrant a relocation effort. But I can understand why they do it, and I can’t blame them for it anymore than I can blame a wild animal for killing someone or a monkey for stealing fruit from a market.

I hate them because they turn everything into the metaphorical embodiment of a nigger.

Please compare the following images and videos and tell me which one you think is better. In the case of the music, this includes both the lyrics, message, and general sound.

1900s Detrois vs modern Detroit.

The School of Athens by Raphael

Untitled piece from Black painter Sam Middelton.

Black people ruin everything. They do not build anything. They destroy and overtake anything that is good and turn it into a foul substance the same color as their skin.

That is why I hate them and the kikes who empowered them to make it this bad.