Why Do Jews Attack Radical Israel Supporter Marjorie Taylor Greene as Anti-Semitic?

Marjorie Taylor Greene has been called an anti-Semite by Jewish journalist Jake Sherman.

I wonder why the Jews attack her so?

After all, she really loves Israel.

Greene really hates Moslems and wants to kill them.

So why do the Jews hate her?

You would think they’d be grateful.

I wonder why the Jews don’t hate Ilhan Omar instead, when she said Israel shouldn’t kill children?

Why do Jews hate Christians so much?

Jews are like the hot chick who only goes with guys who dis her.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is like the nice guy who thinks he can win the hot chick’s love by explaining to her how the bad boys she sleeps with don’t care about her like he does.

Maybe if Christians started negging Jews, Jews would like them more?

It seems really important to Marjorie Taylor Greene that Jews like her, so maybe she could try the negging strategy?

Someone should contact Greene’s office with PUA tips.