Why Aren’t More Swedes Escaping Their Vibrant Paradise?

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
March 20, 2018

Hungarian TV recently aired an interview with a Swedish lady who GTFO’d out of Sweden.

The stuff that she talks about is well-known to us on the Alt-Right and in alternative media in general. Sweden is turning into a shithole at a rapid rate. Only the cushy upper-middle class can still afford to insulate themselves from the spreading Vibrancy.

Everyone else is starting to feel the squeeze. Sucks tbh.

Some insights from this interview though:

White Flight is evolving and will happen next on a country-wide scale. 

There are already signs that there is going to be a mass-exodus from Sweden from the people who can afford to get out.

They will probably move to places like Hungary and Poland.

This is similar to the case of California. And this could be a problem in the near future, because most people who get out – who have the money to get out – are upper-middle class and liberal. Chances are, like the Californians, they will not change their ways and might even spread their stupidity to their new host nation.

Peer-pressure is stronger than the self-preservation instinct

At least in some…overly-civilized peoples, The instinct to not commit a social faux pas seem to be stronger than the instinct to live.

This is incredible stuff, but take a careful listen to what she says in the interview and you’ll see what I mean.

People are too scared to speak up about what they see happening every day. They are too afraid of the social consequences and too conditioned to rely on the state that even when they see these systems failing, they still do nothing. 

Thank god that some Americans still have an independent and rebellious streak.

Lastly, people do not get “red-pilled by reality” and go join the Nationalists

Perhaps this woman decided to keep it apolitical for the interview. I don’t know. I can only comment on what I have observed in the past and it is indeed consistent with what this interview shows.

People do not get “red-pilled by reality.”

In other words, they won’t just make the jump to voting Nationalist just because they’re getting sexually harassed every day, they live in fear for their lives and they see that the current system does nothing to protect them. The bolder ones might acknowledge that some problems exist…but that’s it.

These people simply won’t take proactive measures to vote Nationalist. I believe certain demographics simply can’t be reached. 

An example from my life: 

My buddy’s mother was the divorced wife of some EU bureaucrat who lived the high life in Brussels. She recently had to downscale and move next to the Molenbeek neighborhood after said bureaucrat dumped her. This is a dangerous Muslim area. She fears for her life when she walks home from hot yoga and desperately wishes to return to the United States.

Naturally though, she’s anti-DRUMPF and believes in Tolerance and open borders and somehow squares that with the knowledge that Belgium and France will be Islamic in the near future – her words, not mine.

Her daughter finished studying at some Ivy League school in the States and promptly started dating a sandnigger. She’s very proud of her daughter – who doesn’t speak to her mother, natch.

Her son got his arm broken by Muslims at a bar. He lives in London. And he’s gotten knifed once too. But he just moved into a safe White neighborhood because of a nice engineering job he snagged- so he should be fine for now. He can’t get a girl no matter how hard he tries. Mom doesn’t seem to care much about that.

Her ex-husband is a clever bugman apparatchik working for the EU. He’s rich as shit and dating a used up Southeast Asian woman now. In his free time, he likes to play competitive Age of Empires online.

Finally, the woman I know looks just like that woman in the interview.

They all do.

These women are an albatross around the neck of White civilization. They fuck everything up and then just leave when things go south.

Used-up nation-wrecking whores, the lot of them.

It is in young White men that we must place our hope.