Why are You Killing All of These Babies and Pregnant Women Though???? Just Get Vaxxed!

These days are sad days, because sad things happen. Before 2020, sad things didn’t happen.

On Wednesday, the office of Louisiana governor John Bel Edwards put out a statement about a baby who allegedly died of the allegedly real virus that hasn’t been proven to exist, in which he urged everyone to take the allegedly safe vaccine that hasn’t been proven to be safe.

From the office of Louisiana governor’s website:

Today, the Louisiana Department of Health confirms the death of a child under the age of 1– the first of the fourth surge of COVID-19 in the state, which is largely driven by the stronger, more contagious Delta variant and the state’s lower vaccination rates. Today, the Louisiana Department of Health reports 110 deaths from COVID, including this young child, bringing the total deaths in the state from COVID-19 to 12,226.

“Each COVID-19 death in Louisiana has been heart wrenching, but the loss of such a young child, who could not be vaccinated yet, is tragic and a stark reminder of the difficult circumstance we are in throughout Louisiana. Right now, we are seeing younger people hospitalized. They are getting sicker than in the previous surge and, unfortunately some of them may die. Already, this week, we have confirmed 6,146 COVID cases in children and last week there were 63 pediatric cases of COVID admitted to the hospital. Even children who are not hospitalized or very sick are contagious,” Gov. Edwards said. “The Delta variant, which now accounts for all of the COVID cases in our state, is far more contagious than previous strains of COVID as our strained hospitals prove. We have hope in the form of safe and effective vaccines, but only if many more of us who are eligible and able to actually take them and only if we slow the spread of this illness through masking and distancing as well. All Louisianans, regardless of their age or health status, are worthy of our care and attention. Every person lost to this virus, young or old, leaves a hole in the fabric of our communities.”

“This news is heartbreaking,” said. Dr. Joseph Kanter, State Health Officer. “And it’s a tragic reminder that the numbers we report everyday are also our children, friends and neighbors, and that no one is immune to this virus’ impact. The best way we can protect ourselves, our loved ones and young children who are not eligible to get the vaccine is to get vaccinated ourselves and wear a mask. It’s really that simple.”

Their effective vaccines won’t work unless you get vaccinated.

When Lord Fauci made a deal with Science in order to save organic life on planet Earth, Science was clear on the terms: in order for masks and vaccines to work, everyone has to comply. Otherwise, the gifts of Science won’t work at all.

If vaccinated people can get infected and spread the virus, they can also create new variants. This is why everyone must get vaccinated.

Governor Edwards understands this.

You don’t have to understand it, because you don’t communicate with Science. Don’t try to use your brain with this. You just have to obey, and everything will be alright.

Science has assured us that the vaccines are safe. We don’t need to study vaccinated pregnant women for the duration of their pregnancy, and we don’t need to follow the development of their children as they grow, because we have the word of Science. You have to have faith and trust Science. Double-blind randomized controlled trials are a waste of time.

If we have Science on our side, nothing bad can happen.

On the other hand, if you don’t let Science into your heart, bad things can happen to you.

New York Post:

A 32-year-old pregnant Alabama nurse and her unborn child died of COVID-19 after the woman refused to get vaccinated against the virus, according to a report.

Haley Mulkey Richardson worked in the labor and delivery unit at a hospital in Pensacola, Fla., and contracted COVID-19 about three weeks before her death Friday, according to Al.com.

Richardson, who lived outside Mobile, was transferred to an ICU after her symptoms worsened, according to the report.

Julie Mulkey, Richardson’s mother, said her daughter refused to get vaccinated even though the hospital where she worked mandated it, the outlet stated. Richardson was reportedly concerned it would cause anaphylactic reactions.

“Haley had had anaphylaxis reactions in the past,” Mulkey said. “So for that reason, she felt that it was not safe for her.

“And then, of course, with all the negative reporting that has gone on, what was she to believe about what the vaccine would do to reproduction?”

The CDC has urged all pregnant women to get vaccinated, including expectant mothers who don’t have a higher risk of severe illness and pregnancy complications such as miscarriage and stillbirths.

See? The stupid woman thought she could outsmart Science.

But Science prevailed.

Mulkey and her other daughter are asking other pregnant women in Alabama to get a jab, as the state’s ICUs continue to be overwhelmed, according to the report.

“Since her illness, we have found that this is hitting many, many pregnant women that are 26-27 weeks into their pregnancies,” she said. “And the baby died two days before she would have been 27 weeks. So I understand there’s quite a few women in UAB in the same shape.”

Richardson, who left behind a daughter and her husband, Jordan, made a final heavy-hearted Facebook post on August 9, before she was reportedly put on a ventilator.

“Here in the dark, in the wee hours of the morning, it is so easy to pretend that all of this was just a nightmare or that I’m just here in this hospital bed due to my own issues with Covid,” Richardson wrote. “Not for anything being wrong with my sweet baby girl whom I thought I was protecting in my own womb.”

All over the world, dead unvaccinated people are urging the few unvaccinated who remain alive to choose life over death and take the deadly vaxx.

Before people started to refuse the safe, effective, and experimental coronavirus injection, 32-year-old pregnant women didn’t die.

Everything bad that happens these days is a consequence of people not obeying Science.