Why are White Women Dating Colored Men?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 28, 2015

Something about the enemy of my enemy...
Something about the enemy of my enemy…

So there’s a book, written by a Black man, Rajen Persaud, for Black women, called “Why Black Men Love White Women.”

Together, we can solve this problem, Sistas.
Together, we can solve this problem, Sistas.

This is a subject that is interesting to both Black women and White men. In fact, I have myself been working on a book entitled “Why White Women Love Black Men,” though my publisher has suggested I change the title to “You Stupid Bitch, WTF is Wrong with You?”

This is an Actual Problem

This is a problem and is becoming more of one. We can look at marriage statistics, and see that very few marriages are interracial, but the dating scene statistics are less clear. One that that is obvious is that a WFBM relationship is much less likely than a WFWM relationship to result in marriage, and much more likely to result in pregnancy and childbirth.

This issue is taken more seriously in the Black community than it is in ours, by far. And only partly because you couldn't get a book called "Don't Let the Black Man Win" published.
This issue is taken more seriously in the Black community than it is in ours, by far. And only partly because you couldn’t get a book called “Don’t Let the Black Man Win” published.

If I had to say why Black men love White women, I would say it probably has to do with their soft hair. It is also, as the book asserts, a status symbol for Black men that they got a White girl. Even though these girls are usually fat.

Interestingly, I watch the Breakfast Club a lot, which is a Black talk show available on YouTube (I highly recommend it for anyone interested in examining the psychology of Black people), and the female side-host of the show (or whatever you call that, she isn’t really a “co-host”), Angela Yee (who has a Chinese father somehow) is obsessed with asking the male guests, generally rappers and Black actors, if they date White women.

Highly recommended. No joke.
Highly recommended. No joke.

Almost all of them will say no, they prefer Black women, indicating that Persaud’s assertion that this is a way for Black men to boost their self-esteem is true, as already successful Black men are not interested in interracial dating (this could also be partly due to the fact that successful Black men have access to the most attractive Black females, while the average Black male has to deal with fat Black women, and a fat White woman is more attractive to a Black male than a fat Black one).

Though I stand with the Sistas in their struggle to stop their men from having sex with our women, what is more important to me is why White women go with Black men. Just from personal observation, it is for one of two main reasons (at least in America):

a) They are fat and/or ugly, and can get a lot more attractive Black male than they could a White man (at least in terms of physical fitness, not trying to argue that a Black man’s face is ever more attractive than a White man’s), or

b) They hate their fathers and have a subconscious drive to destroy their bloodline due to this deep-rooted hatred.

Also, to be fair, there is a “c”: Black men do tend to be more superficially masculine than White men, on average. This is a modern phenomenon, of course, and is partly due to the differences in way White physiology processes the endocrine disruptors in our environment.

It is also partly due to the way White men are more likely to accept liberal ideology due to the complexity of their psychology. You aren’t going to brainwash a gorilla into accepting feminism any more than you are going to brainwash a Black man into accepting it.

I stress here that Black masculinity is superficial, in the sense that they lack the higher aspects of traditional masculinity which relate to work ethic, personal honor and other more “spiritual” concepts. But, sad to say brothers, when it comes to basic assertiveness and willingness to engage in confrontation, as well as an ability to be dominating over women, Blacks are definitely beating us, on average.

I’m sure I’ll get hate for that statement, but it’s just a self-evident fact.

A woman of any race (besides possibly Asians) is a lot more likely, in any situation, to respond better to “yo baby, I like the way your legs be lookin in dat dress,” than “hi, uh, I was just, uh, wondering if, uh…”

Fact of life, deal with it or whine about it, not my issue.

And yes, I understand that the Jewish media is constantly pushing White women toward Black or otherwise non-White men.

The reality, however, is that this has more to do with normalizing the practice in the minds of men than it does in the minds of women.

Just as a bit of anecdotal evidence for that supposition, Fear the Walking Dead, a new spin-off of The Walking Dead, has two White female leads, both of whom are in relationships with non-Whites (one is literally married to a Paki). This is an extremely violent show based on a comic book, created for and marketed to men. Conversely, Sex in the City, a show exclusively targeted at women, and is about women having sex with as many men as possible, has very few non-White (or Jewish-playing-White) male partners for the White (or Jewish-playing-White) women. Here is a list of 18 men the Jewish-playing-White lead character had relationships with, all are either White or Jewish-playing-White.

Restoring Masculinity

Helping White men restore their masculinity is something I have tried to make an objective of this site, and have recommended both the paleo-diet and getting physically more active, particularly in weight-lifting and martial arts.

The psychological aspects of regaining masculinity are more complex, but the physical will help with the psychological (you hardly ever meet a guy in good shape who is also a whining liberal fag).

The main aspect of reframing one’s psychology to be more masculine is to begin looking at women not as equals, but as something that exists to serve you. If you can really internalize this concept, you will no longer be timid or nervous around women. You are naturally more intelligent than women, and better at everything than she is besides nurturing children and multitasking.

Establishing a psychological framework of viewing and treating women like children will help you in your dealings with women. Because though they do have functionality in certain professions (generally nothing compared to a man), they are emotionally and psychologically no different from children, in that they deeply desire authority, and will despise you if you present yourself as anything other than an authority – just as an undisciplined child despises his parents and acts out because of it.

Male-Female IQ distribution
Male-Female IQ distribution

So, just for example, don’t ever talk to women about politics. It makes her feel like you are putting something on her that she doesn’t deserve. If a woman starts talking about her own politics (which will always simply be a regurgitation of what some authority has told her to believe, because women lack the ability for critical thought, almost entirely), redirect the conversation.

After you’ve had sex with her, due to evolutionary psychology and the fact that a woman immediately feels a need to keep a man around after she’s had sex with him because of the fact that historically, there was a good chance shs was pregnant and needed the man around to provide food for the child, she will not care when she finds out you’re a complete Fascist. Still, no need to try and explain it to her.

Everything a woman needs to know how to do, she should already know how to do, you don’t need to explain anything to her. You trying to explain politics to a woman would be the equivalent of a woman trying to explain breast-feeding techniques to you.

Recently, there was an article on a liberal site mocking the Stormfront dating page. And yes, much of what they are saying on there does deserve to be mocked. “I’m looking for a pro-White woman” is about the most beta thing any man could ever say.

These are the things you should be looking for in a woman (for a serious relationship):

  • Good strong father figure, stable family
  • Attractive and young
  • Pleasing personality

In that order.

Note re: “attractive and young” – attractive is in some ways subjective, but certainly slim and fit is objective. Young should be relative, I think a fifteen year gap is probably the realistic maximum in most situation (though if you’re a 60-year-old super-alpha I’m not one to hate on you for having a 25-year-old girlfriend), but even if you’re 22, you should probably be looking at a girl who is in her late teens. The age gap helps to establish the natural position of authority over her. And again, she wants that – this is nothing about abusing or taking advantage of women. I have my entire life been respectful towards women, and I think no man should ever be anything but respectful towards women.

Again, basic concept is to treat her like a child who craves both nurturing and discipline.