Why are These Ukrainians Burning an Embassy Down?

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 27, 2018

I don’t think that I would burn an embassy down, like ever. Even if I was the Dictator of my own banana republic, I think that I would steer clear of that.

Perhaps it’s my huwhyte sense of fair play, but I was always told growing up that embassies are untouchable.

And it made sense to me. Even if you’re at loggerheads with a country, that embassy could arrange prisoner swaps, draft a peace treaty when the whole thing is over, you know that sort of thing.

Furthermore, it is one of the oldest conventions that we have in international law, right behind not attacking innocent fishermen just trying to get by – one of the first international conventions ever set, sometime in the medieval ages during the 100 Years War between England and France.

European nations just don’t do that sort of thing against one another.

It’s even in James Bond. He got fired for going Rambo at the embassy in Casino Royale.

And the only reason that Assange can afford a flat in central London is because of the embassy rule.

At least that’s what I thought. But I was wrong.


Fire has broken out at the Russian consulate in the northeastern city of Kharkov as anti-Russia protesters threw flares and burned tires in front of the building.

Scores descended on the Russian diplomatic facility on Kharkov, Ukraine, on Monday, one day after a tense standoff between the two countries’ navy occurred in the Back Sea.

This seems like straight-up sandnigger behavior, sorry. Whenever I hear about embassies getting attacked I think of the Middle East and Islamic revolutions.

Which, like, okay – an embassy can and often is a nest of spies and intelligence operatives.

But them’s the rules of the game.

It’s like playing a game of capture the flag.

You can tag the other guys if they’re on your side, but they can tag you if you’re on theirs. Once you’re on your side, you’re safe. Hopefully, you’ve played a game in your youth and know what I’m talking about here.

If you’re from some shithole that doesn’t play this game, check here:

Now, occasionally you’d have the odd kid who would get bored of sitting in “jail” after being tagged and no one on his team risking a daring rescue attempt. So you always have kids sneaking back over to their side while no one is looking and claiming that they got tagged out. Everyone knew they were full of shit, but hey, he snuck out while you were slacking so whaddya gonna do about it?

Is it shady? Sure. But usually, no one gets too bent out of shape about it.

Now, in theory, you can go and pull out a 9mm on all the guys in the jail, shoot them dead, cross the middle line to grab the enemy flag and dare anyone left to try and tag you while you walk safely back to your side.

You’d win the game. And some scholars might even argue that this is in fact a very NEETshian thing to do. Very master morality and a repudiation of Jewish slave morality regarding capture the flag rules.

But most people… normal people, would have a problem with you completely disregarding the rules regarding fair play.

The rally heated up when some masked demonstrators lit flares and started hurling them at the Russian Consulate. One of the burning projectiles eventually landed behind the fence, and a fir tree outside the consulate building caught fire.

A woman was filmed taking the Russian national flag to a crowd of chanting men with flares to set it alight. 

Sorry, wrong pic.


To make a more general observation, people the world over seem to always think that they can get away with flexing on Russia. Idk why, but literally every single nation, ever, has decided to take a cheap shot at Russia at some point in their history.

Most live to regret it.

In Ukraine’s case, they’re basically Russians anyways and they’re going to make up and have peace eventually whether through Russian occupation, the collapse of NATO, the EU or the Kievan government.

In the meantime, these provocations just aren’t very sporting, imho.

Have a go with Russia, if you must. But don’t act like a sand-nigger savage while doing it, am I right?

Frankly, stepping back and looking at the situation from afar, picking a fight with the second most powerful country in the world seems ill-advised.

Just imagine if Ukraine devoted some of that martial spirit towards conquering Sweden instead. Or Germany or France even.

If they want to be nationalistic and based, why not pick a softer, richer and more deserving target at the very least?

Think of all the plunder to be had in Western Europe! Instead, they decided to go freeze in some post-Soviet frozen hole in the east. Sad!