Why are Moslems Blowing Up Shrines in Thailand?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 21, 2015

What is even the point? No one really knows.
What is even the point? No one really knows.

Wherever you have Moslems, you have people blowing things up.


Thai authorities have tripled to $85,000 a reward for information leading to the arrest of the main suspect in the country’s worst ever bombing.

The government said progress in the investigation was being made but declined to give details or offer evidence they were closer to determining who carried out the Monday evening attack at one of Bangkok’s top tourist attractions.

Twenty people were killed in the blast at the Erawan shrine, 14 of them foreigners including seven from mainland China and Hong Kong.

The only solid evidence seems to be grainy security camera footage showing an unidentified young man with shaggy hair and dressed in a yellow shirt leaving a backpack at the scene.

Officials have speculated that the man, last seen on video footage disappearing into the night on the back of a motorcycle taxi, could be foreign, or a Thai man pretending to be foreign.

The reward for information leading to his arrest was raised to 3 million baht ($85,000), a police spokesman said.

Initial speculation that the plot could be the work of an international terror network has for now been set aside.

And on Friday, police chief Somyot Pumpanmuang appeared to back-track on his suggestion the previous day that the bomber was probably part of a network of at least 10 people who spent a month planning the attack.

“We still have no information on international terror groups and think that there is no link to international terrorism,” Somyot told reporters after attending a multi-faith prayer ceremony outside a shopping center near the shrine in central Bangkok.

Islam is a brain-disease that affects the lowest IQ denominator. The grossest races join it, as do the grossest members of less gross races.

Anywhere these people are, they are going to start blowing things up.

Of course, it is Jew globalism that makes this a problem.

Thailand – an almost absurdly peaceful Buddhist country – has no obligation to allow these people in their country, by rights, but they are pressured by all of these Jew-run global groups which will punish them for reject “migrants” or expelling their own minority Moslem population to Malaysia.

And note that I understand that this bombing hasn’t been confirm as Moslem just yet, and some are speculating it could be otherwise political. However, it seems definitely most likely that hitting a Buddhist shrine is a Moslem move. In Afghanistan, these animals bombed some of the oldest statues in the world which were of Buddha.

And even if this isn’t an Islamic bombing, the fact remains that Thailand, as well as other Buddhist countries in Asia, have been subjected to this Moslem pattern of weird violence.