Whoops: Neo-Nazi Skinhead Niggers Assassinate Jewish Rabbi

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
October 4, 2018

This was never supposed to happen.

I mean, this is a satire website. You get that, right?

We make jokes. That’s what we do. We make fun of the one people you are not allowed to make fun of. The Daily Stormer is a martyr which has sacrificed itself to deplatforming to prove that the one people who you are not allowed to make fun of is the Jews, so that you can understand that they are the people who rule us.

You weren’t supposed to actually go out and kill rabbis. Our white readers understand this.

It seems, however, that niggers have been reading our message of love and peace, and interpreted it as a message of hate, due to their low IQs.

The Jerusalem Post:

The Jewish community in Chicago is in shock and mourning, a local rabbi has said, after Eliyahu Moscowitz, 24, was shot and killed close to the West Roger’s Park neighborhood which has a large Jewish community.

Moscowitz was out taking a walk in a nearby park some 25 minutes walking distance from the neighborhood when he was murdered on Monday night during the Simchat Torah holiday, apparently by a masked gunman who is also suspected of killing an elderly man the previous day.

There is still time left for 2018 to become “the year of nigger neo-nazi rabbi spree-killings.”

I’m not saying this should happen, but it might happen anyway.

Nothing we can do about it, lol

Kotlarsky said the police believe at present that the murder was not a hate crime, but that community members are nevertheless fearful for their safety, especially given the fact that the suspect is believed to have committed another random murder less than 48 hours earlier.

Maybe Jews shouldn’t have made the NNACP and gotten behind the whole civil rights movement?

Moscowitz comes from a prominent Chabad family in Illinois, and worked as a kashrut supervisor at a local kosher grocery store.

I don’t even know what kashrut is, and I’m not even going to google it so I can tell you what it is. This is clearly some hoaxy Jewish kosher stuff, I don’t even know. I can’t be expected to know all this weird jewy stuff. Sounds pretty retarded, though.

If these low-level Jews want to just do their own weird thing and be “kashrut supervisors” or whatever (seriously wtf is that even) they should probably start asking themselves whether or not these high-level Jews are actually fucking up everything by funding Black Lives Matter and lobbying the police to not police the negro skinheads who are killing them out of pure hate.

I swear, these pleb-Jews seem to be suffering from the most insane case of Stockholm Syndrome known to history. The high-level Jews don’t even care about them, but the pleb-Jews continue to support them anyway. This is the effect of centuries and centuries of selective Jew-breeding, whereby any reasonable Jew who says “hey this is stupid” is excommunicated and forced to be a goy.

Judaism, as a religion, is basically a eugenic construct whereby any “Jew” who is not wholly dedicated to boot-licking servitude to the Jewish elite is excommunicated and forced to be a goy. It’s a selective system whereby anyone who isn’t ethocentric to the point of self-destruction is excommunicated. Every generation, any reasonable person is cast out, and only the worst are kept.

Judaism is its own worst enemy.

Any Jew who realizes this is immediately exiled.

Only the die-hard retards remain.

That is why Jews are terrible people. They have been rigorously selected to be terrible, for millenia. Each individual Jew has been given the option of saying “You know what? Judaism is stupid, I’d rather just be a goy.” The only Jews that remain are the ones that have decided they want to be terrorized by negros out of solidarity for the super-rich Jews that can afford to finance negro anarchy while living far enough away from it to not get shot, like this Jew got shot.

So, whatever.

This is retarded, and their whole religion is designed to be retarded.

They’re getting what they asked for.