Whom Thou Amongst Thou?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 24, 2016


And his tenth year, the King gathered his nation and sayeth unto the gathered multitudes “whom thou amongst thou can presenteth to me one who rocketh and rolleth with more heavenly vigor than The Mighty Meat Loaf?”

And then silence was upon the multitudes. For none amongst them could presenteth unto His Highness a man whom was capable of rocking or rolling with more vigor than The Mighty Meat Loaf.

Nay, for all in the land kneweth all too well: no man walketh upon land, swimeth through sea, crawleth through tunnel or flyth with the eagles who was more hardcore than Meat Loaf.

And so it came to pass that throughout the lands, any who dareth question the superiority of Meat Loaf over all else was sent to the royal Gas Chamber and turned into a lampshade.