WHOA: O’Keefe Records NYT “Journalist” Saying He’s a Political Operative, Former Antifa FBI Informant and Comey Godson…!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 10, 2017

Jasmes O’Keefe has outdone himself this time.

This is officially the best Project Veritas video yet.

He’s continuing his media investigation, and he had some skank record a NYT journalist – a one “Nicholas Dudich,” who is not Jewish, but Catholic – saying… a whole bunch of stuff.

You should really just watch it, but he says the following things:

  • He’s in charge of all NYT video content
  • He’s an Obama and Hillary campaign operative
  • He joined the NYT to push an anti-Trump agenda
  • He is James Comey’s godson
  • He meets regularly with James Comey
  • He was a member of Antifa
  • He joined Antifa at the request of the FBI as an informant

The PV operative then goes and visits both Dudich’s aunt and his father. The aunt says she doesn’t remember who the godfather was, but it might have been the head of the FBI. The father is super-cagey seeming, and claims it’s not true, that he doesn’t know Comey.

Obviously, pudgy little bugmen like the Dudich phaggot lie to women in order to impress them.

So who knows.

But it seems to me very possible that there is some truth here, and this bitchboy is a member of a deep-state type family.

That is of course very interesting to think about.

But regardless of that particular mystery and where it might lead, the solid takeaway here is that this guy is a Democratic political operative working for the New York Times for the specific purpose of defaming and destroying Donald Trump. We knew that this was everyone at the New York Times, but we’ve never had one of them on video saying it.

And this is just part one of O’Keefe’s NYT series.

The last round of “American Pravda” the segments got better every time.