Who Wrote the Headline: The Jew Telegraph Agency or Hoax Watch?

It’s time for everyone’s favorite game: “Who wrote the HEADLINE???”

Now, here’s the headline:

“Jewish social services groups kick into high gear as Afghan refugees begin to arrive in US”

So: who wrote it?

The Jew Telegraph Agency, or Hoax Watch?

Take some time to think it through.

Now, are you ready?

Do you have an answer?

Is that your…

Final answer? 

Well, okay – here’s the truth:

It’s the Jew Telegraph Agency!

The Jews are telling other Jews to get ready to help a surge of Afghans to swarm America.


Jewish communities around the world are reactivating their refugee-support networks as they prepare to help resettle Afghans who have fled the Taliban takeover of their country.

In recent weeks, tens of thousands of Afghans have been airlifted from Kabul after the Taliban retook control of Afghanistan with the U.S.  exit from the country after 20 years. Many will spend time in another country while they wait to be admitted to the United States, but some are already arriving – and needing support as they adapt to a sudden relocation and a new country.

The importance of welcoming strangers is so deeply rooted in Jewish tradition and experience that immigration issues have long enjoyed a bipartisan consensus in Jewish communities even amid deep polarization on other topics. Many cities have social services agencies that began to support Jewish immigrants and now work with new arrivals of all backgrounds, often coordinating with HIAS, formerly the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, to identify refugees and meet their needs.

I feel it is prudent to remind you right now that any kind of theory about Jews trying to replace white people with immigrants is both a canard and a trope.

Even if it seems obvious that Jews are actively replacing white people on purpose, and that they’re openly celebrating it, you need to remember that it is fine to talk about that as long as you say it is good.

If you say it’s bad, then you’ll soon find yourself on an Anti-Defamation League chopping block. You will be banned from social media, have all of your bank accounts shut down, be sued, and possibly thrown in prison on some kind of trumped up hoax. Because that is just pure hate.

Jews are NOT doing this on purpose and if they ARE doing it on purpose, they’re doing it because it’s good.