Who We Are: Homosexuals Clash with Police, Attack Elderly Hot Dog Vendor in NYC’s Pride Ritual

You can’t make an anal omelet without breaking a few hot dog vendors.

Daily Mail:

New York City’s Pride celebrations were marred Sunday evening after an attack on a food vendor and skirmishes with police who used pepper spray to regain control.

An elderly hot dog seller in the city’s embattled Washington Square Park had a busted lip, bloody nose and was seen bleeding from his head after being punched in the face several times by a woman.

The man was seen standing next to his food cart when he was suddenly caught off-guard, punched in the head  and nearly knocked off his feet.

As he attempted to flee, a group chased him before he finally fell onto the street where police ran to his aid. A woman yelled at him accusing him of using a slur.

People then tended to him in the street following the beating late on Sunday night.

All kinds of love was celebrated at the event – and that includes the love of blacks for beating the elderly.

It’s who we are.

I present to you the story of New York Pride in pictures: