WHO Warchief Warns That Many More Fake Virus Hoaxes are Coming Down the Pipe

The latest doggo viro is no joke, goyo.

The government now has total proof that they can do whatever they want to you if they tell you there’s a virus. They don’t have to prove the virus is harmful, or that people are dying. They can just attribute deaths from other causes to the virus.

People will not look around and say, “hey, I don’t know anyone who has died from this virus!” Instead, they will bow down and do as they are told.

So of course they’re going to just keep hitting you with these hoaxes.

Business Insider:

World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus warned that COVID-19 won’t be the world’s last pandemic while speaking in a video statement on the first International Day of Epidemic Preparedness on Sunday.

Tedros used his message to encourage countries to prepare better by working to “prevent, detect, and mitigate emergencies of all kinds, whether they be naturally occurring epidemics or deliberate events.”

“History tells us his will not be the last pandemic, and epidemics are a fact of life,” he said.

He said investments in public health and an “all-of-government, all-of-society, one health approach” could help countries successfully react to global health crises in the future.

“If we fail to prepare, we are preparing to fail. … Last year, the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board published its first report, which concluded, the world remains dangerously unprepared for a global pandemic,” he said in the video.

Of course, we’re already getting hit with a new virus in the form of the “new mutant strain.” That’s happening, right now. The whole process of the coronavirus is being started over again. This new process will start to slow with another vaccine in several months, and then things will start up again with something else.

This process will probably just keep going on and on, indefinitely, even after they’ve taken all of the wealth of the middle class, driven everyone into poverty, and stripped them of all of their rights under a New World Order global government system.

Basically, from the perspective of the ruling class, there is no reason not to have one of these virus hoaxes going at any given time. It not only gives them control over everything, but also keeps the masses in a state of confusion.

Why not have a constant virus state? They don’t follow the rules themselves anyway.