WHO Wants to Reduce “Barriers to Administering Vaccines” in Europe to Speed Up Mass Gene Therapy

“It’s just a spike protein, bro.”

People having the right to refuse vaccinations is a barrier to administering vaccines. Proper testing of the side effects of vaccines is also a barrier to administering vaccines.

The Guardian:

Europe’s vaccination campaign is “unacceptably slow” while rising infection rates in most countries across the region mean its virus situation is “more worrying than we have seen in several months”, the World Health Organization has said.

The WHO regional director for Europe, Hans Kluge, said on Thursday that vaccines “present our best way out of this pandemic. Not only do they work, they are highly effective in preventing infection. However, their rollout is unacceptably slow.”

Let me be clear: we must speed up the process by ramping up manufacturing, reducing barriers to administering vaccines, and using every single vial we have in stock, now,” Kluge said, urging all governments to share excess shots.

None of this is coherent.

These people are already claiming vaccines are useless, because the virus is supposedly mutating and claiming that the world needs new vaccines in order to keep up to date with these new alleged mutant strains.

Basically, they propose a sinister game of whack-a-mole where people keep getting hit with new vaccines every time they claim that a new coronavirus mutation has appeared.

The bar for proving that a new “mutant strain” exists is so low that the bar might as well not exist. Different groups just announce new strains, and all of the medical institutions accept the announcement. There is no standard of proof.

This situation won’t end through the compliance of the masses.