WHO Says More Worldwide Coronavirus Infections in the Last 2 Weeks Than in First 6 Months of “Pandemic”

In the first six months of the “pandemic,” people were not getting injected with a mystery liquid alleged to fight coronavirus. Yet we’re supposed to believe that the threat of the virus is worse now, after mass vaccinations and months of wearing masks.

Is that believable? At all?

Perhaps the current threat is not caused by the virus, but by these so-called “vaccines”?

Either that, or they’re just going crazy with the mass testing and false positives.

Whatever the case: they are telling us that this means the pandemic will not ever end.

New York Daily News:

As Americans continue to take steps toward normal life, India and several other countries are dealing with an explosion of new coronavirus infections likely to delay the world’s recovery from the deadly crisis, health authorities warned Monday.

The number of COVID-19 cases reported around the world in the last two weeks was higher than the total of confirmed infections in the first six months of the pandemic, according to the World Health Organization. India and Brazil, which are going through their worst days since the pandemic began, account for more than half of last week’s cases, the agency said.

WHO’s director-general, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said many other countries also face “a very fragile situation” and are running out of basic hospital supplies.

“What is happening in India and Brazil could happen elsewhere unless we all take these public health precautions that WHO has been calling for since the beginning of the pandemic,” he told reporters during a news briefing in Geneva.

Ghebreyesus said vaccines are “part of the answer,” but he called on the world’s richest countries to lead a global effort to help nations with limited vaccine supplies.

“We face a shared threat that we can only overcome with shared solutions,” he said. “Sharing financial resources, sharing vaccine doses and production capacity and sharing technology, know-how and waiving intellectual property.”

Black witch doctor and leader of the WHO tribe Tedros Adhanom knows exactly what to do to keep you safe.

Just follow his instructions and you’ll be fine.

No, wait. Not that instruction.

That’s old science.

You have to wear double masks.

Get double vaxxed.

You might want to go ahead and get triple vaxxed.

Might need to triple mask as well, actually.

If triples don’t work – we’re gonna have to quadruple it.

We have to do all of this so that people in their 80s never die.