WHO Says UK Shouldn’t Lift Lockdown Until All People Can be “Aggressively” Tracked

The “track everyone” Mark of the Beast agenda is still being pushed.

The idea that the coronavirus is somehow a threat has been widely debunked for a while now, but the WHO wants the government to track everyone before lifting the lockdown under the pretense of stopping the spread. It gets even insaner when you consider that most places that lifted the lockdown saw decreased infection rates.

All of this, including the current Black Lives Matter stuff, is part of a greater plan to radically change the structure of society in a very short period of time.

Daily Mail:

The UK should not lift lockdown rules until the test and trace system is ready to cope with huge numbers of people, a World Health Organization director has warned.

Dr Hans Kluge, the WHO’s chief for Europe, said the Government must only take sure-footed steps and not rush into decisions like scrapping the two-metre social distancing rule.

He said test and trace must be ‘robust’ and ready for ‘aggressive’ use if the number of new cases starts to soar again.

Dr Kluge said: ‘The key words here are to do it gradually. Do it carefully.’

His comments come after data last week showed that the NHS’s test and trace system was not able to get co-operation from a third of contacts in its first week.

Britain is gradually returning to something of a normal way of life as restrictions on spending time outdoors, travelling across the country, and meeting up in small groups have all been lifted.

‘Non-essential’ shops, including clothes stores, will reopen for the first time today, and face coverings over the nose and mouth are now mandatory on public transport.

And Government ministers are coming under pressure to loosen the rule demanding that people stay 2m (6’6″) from others who they don’t live with. Scientific evidence suggests the majority of infectious droplets do not travel that far, but the Government is sticking to the measure as a precaution.

The government is doing something against scientific evidence, and they say it is as a “precaution,” but a precaution based on what? On what they feel like?

It should be the other way around: the government should do things based on scientific evidence. None of the things they’ve done to respond to coronavirus have been based on scientific evidence.

The two meter social distancing rule was conjured out of nowhere.

Speaking to The Guardian, Dr Kluge said the timing of the end of lockdown is as important as the timing of its start.

He said: ‘We know that early lockdowns saved lives and bought some time for the health system to be ready.

‘But I would rather than instead of looking to the past, jump to the future and say that the question of lifting the lockdown is as important as going to the lockdown.

‘The key words here are to do it gradually. Do it carefully.’

That is a lie. Facts and data point in the opposite direction: the lockdown did more harm than good.

Dr Kluge told The Guardian: ‘Contact tracing is key especially as the UK starts to relax the social and physical distancing measures. There has to be a robust track and trace system in place of operation.

‘I would like to reply [to questions about the first results of the system] and say we need an effective tracking system in place, it is one of the measures that we recommend that are in place now.’

They really do need an effective tracking system in place, but not for your own good.

They need it in order to advance their malicious agenda.