WHO Says “Rich Countries” are Selfish for Not Shipping Loads of Deadly Vaccines to Third World

The glasses make him look smarter.

The United States is not actually a “rich country.” There are millions of homeless, everyone is addicted to drugs, and third worlders took all of our jobs.

However, we are surely vaxxy.

I agree with the black-run WHO that we should ship these vaxxes to the blacks instead of injecting them into Americans.

SBS News:

The World Health Organization has criticised the “greed” of rich countries considering COVID-19 booster vaccinations while the most vulnerable in other nations were left exposed to the virus.

Striking an increasingly exasperated tone, the WHO said the world would look back on itself with shame if it knowingly chose to leave the world’s weakest at the mercy of the pandemic.

The UN’s health agency also scolded vaccine manufacturers prioritising deals for booster third doses rather than first and second shots for the completely unvaccinated healthcare workers and elderly people in poorer nations.

WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told a press conference that the question he was most often asked was when the pandemic would end.

“We can end it very soon, because we have the tools now,” he said – but for the lack of decisive global leadership.

Mr Ghebreyesus said vaccine nationalism was “prolonging the agony” and there was only “one word that can explain this… it’s greed”.

“We have the tools,” he says, as he also says that the fake “new variants” are “bypassing” the “vaccine protections.”

There is a crisis. The “agony” comes from the government’s actions in response to a fake crisis.