WHO Says Pandemic Must End in 2022, Demands No Christmas

No one but the lunatic fringe is going to skip Christmas.

They are also not outlawing people from having Christmas, which they obviously have the total ability to do.

The plan is for everyone to go to Christmas, and then come out and say that people going to Christmas caused the alleged virus to spread out of control and now we need brutal new measures.

The Guardian:

The head of the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that holiday festivities would in many places lead to “increased cases, overwhelmed health systems and more deaths” and urged people to postpone gatherings.

An event cancelled is better than a life cancelled,” Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said.

Tedros said the Omicron variant was spreading faster than the Delta variant and was causing infections in people already vaccinated or who have recovered from the Covid-19 disease.

WHO chief scientist Soumya Swaminathan added it would be “unwise” to conclude from early evidence that Omicron was a milder variant that previous ones … with the numbers going up, all health systems are going to be under strain,” Soumya Swaminathan told Geneva-based journalists.

The variant is successfully evading some immune responses, she said, meaning that the booster programmes being rolled out in many countries ought to be targeted towards people with weaker immune systems.

“There is now consistent evidence that Omicron is spreading significantly faster than the Delta variant,” Tedros told the briefing.

“And it is more likely people vaccinated or recovered from Covid-19 could be infected or re-infected,” Tedros said.

But the WHO team also offered some hope to a weary world facing the new wave that 2022 would be the year that the pandemic, which already killed more than 5.6 million people worldwide, would end.

However Tedros also said China, where the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus was first detected at the end of 2019, must be forthcoming with data and information related to its origin to help the response going forward.

“We need to continue until we know the origins, we need to push harder because we should learn from what happened this time in order to (do) better in the future,” he said.

2022 must be the year we end the pandemic.”


I’m old enough to remember “two weeks to flatten the curve.”

They keep giving these new dates because it gives people something to look forward to. They can’t say “this is never ending, lol.”

But it isn’t ever going to end. I can tell you that.

Think about it for five seconds: it is impossible, based on their own terms, for it to ever end:

  • Any infections means measures have to continue
  • The vaccines don’t stop infections or the spread of infections
  • New variants constantly emerge which require new measures and vaccines

There is no possible point, based on these parameters, that it can ever end.