WHO Says Omicron Already in 89 Countries Despite High Vaccination Levels

It’s pretty weird that they are continuing to shill Omicron but haven’t come out with a new list of deadly characteristics for it.

I guess it’s just part of the process that some marketing team worked out. At some point, they’ll say the Omicron has transformed and is now both more contagious and more deadly, and therefore they are going to do everything evil to everyone on earth in order to save them.

The Guardian:

The Omicron coronavirus variant has been reported in 89 countries and the number of cases is doubling in 1.5 to three days in areas with community transmission, the World Health Organization (WHO) said.

Omicron is spreading rapidly in countries with high levels of population immunity, but it is unclear if this is due to the virus’s ability to evade immunity, its inherent increased transmissibility or a combination of both, the WHO said in an update.

The agency designated Omicron a variant of concern on 26 November, soon after it was first detected, and much is still not known about it, including the severity of the illness it causes.

“There are still limited data on the clinical severity of Omicron,” the WHO said. “More data are needed to understand the severity profile and how severity is impacted by vaccination and pre-existing immunity.”

The WHO tweeted a video saying that “the virus has had two years to become much better adapted to entering human cells.”

The Science has yet to address why the cold, the flu, and other viruses didn’t use the thousands of years before the invention of vaccines to exterminate mankind.