WHO Says Fully Vaccinated Still Need to Wear Face Masks and Practice Social Distancing

WHO is straight-up admitting the vaccine doesn’t even do anything.

Kinda funny.


The World Health Organization on Friday urged fully vaccinated people to continue to wear masks, social distance and practice other Covid-19 pandemic safety measures as the highly contagious delta variant spreads rapidly across the globe.

โ€œPeople cannot feel safe just because they had the two doses. They still need to protect themselves,โ€ Dr. Mariangela Simao, WHO assistant director-general for access to medicines and health products, said during a news briefing from the agencyโ€™s Geneva headquarters.

โ€œVaccine alone wonโ€™t stop community transmission,โ€ Simao added. โ€œPeople need to continue to use masks consistently, be in ventilated spaces, hand hygiene … the physical distance, avoid crowding. This still continues to be extremely important, even if youโ€™re vaccinated when you have a community transmission ongoing.โ€

WHO officials said they are asking fully vaccinated people to continue to โ€œplay it safeโ€ because a large portion of the world remains unvaccinated and highly contagious variants, like delta, are spreading in many countries, spurring outbreaks.

The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that about half of adults infected in an outbreak of the delta variant in Israel were fully vaccinated with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, prompting the government there to reimpose an indoor mask requirement and other measures.

Anthony Fauci initially said that the vaccine did nothing and you have to wear masks, then the CDC came out and said the vaccine meant you don’t have to wear a mask. With the WHO going back to “masked vaxxer,” the Americans will likely do the same in the fall.

The whole thing is being set up for this “new variant” basically resetting everything to January 2020.

They’re going to blame the unvaxxed and then start trying to get the public to demand the unvaxxed be force-vaxxed.

Remember: these people are not really very smart (the WHO leader is literally black), and this isn’t totally going as planned. A lot more people were supposed to have been vaxxed by now. They apparently didn’t foresee this current level of pushback.