WHO Says Coronavirus is Never Going Away

What did he mean by this?


The World Health Organization’s Europe director, Hans Kluge, has warned that the Covid pandemic won’t end until nations “learn to live with the virus,” ensuring health systems are not overwhelmed by infections and deaths.

Speaking during an interview with Spain’s La Vanguardia newspaper, Kluge warned that the international health body is not able to declare an end to the pandemic while there is still a risk that health systems may be unable to cope with a spike in case numbers.

“We have to learn to live with the virus. As soon as our health system is not overwhelmed by hospitalizations and deaths from Covid, that is, it can provide the services it provided before, the pandemic will possibly become an endemic,” Kluge said.

The comments from the WHO’s Europe boss came as he addressed concerns about the situation on the continent ahead of the winter months.

Responding to a question about whether “Europe is once again the epicenter of the pandemic,” Kluge flagged that the organization is expecting “half a million deaths” from the virus before February. Blaming a combination of “fake news” and the “relaxation of public health and social measures,” Kluge was clear that countries have to refute opposition to the Covid vaccine and safety protocols, and proposed a “working group in Europe” to challenge critics.

Does that mean it’s just two weeks to flatten the curve?

Seriously though – they’re not saying “well, it’s just a normal flu now, so people should just go back to normal.” This is what several different countries have said, but it’s not what WHO is saying.

WHO is saying that these lunatic anti-pandemic measures must remain forever, with intermittent masking, random lockdowns, and completely nonstop vaccines.

The Science itself is now claiming that the vaccine only lasts 6 months. So the cattle are going to be expected to get a “booster” at least that often.

We’re headed for a cold, dark winter.

I truly hope you’ve made good decisions over the last 18 months.

If not, then I promise you: whatever reasons you had for not leaving the city are going to seem so very trite when the clutch slips into 7th gear.