WHO Now Pushing Cheap, Quick Coronavirus Tests on the Third World

If we are ever going to move out of this insanity, we have to stop the testing. China stopped testing, and everything is fine. The bodies are not stacking up in the streets. The same is true for Sweden. No one can argue that the lockdown is actually doing anything at this point, so they simply take it for granted.

Instead of that, the globalists are doing the precise opposite, pushing for ubiquitous, nonstop testing. They specifically aim to push this on third world countries which are not reporting any deaths from the virus because they don’t test for it.

The Guardian:

Tests for Covid-19 that show on-the-spot results in 15 to 30 minutes are about to be rolled out across the world, potentially saving many thousands of lives and slowing the pandemic in both poor and rich countries.

In a triumph for a global initiative to get vital drugs and vaccines to fight the virus, 120m rapid antigen tests from two companies will be supplied to low- and middle-income countries for $5 (£3.90) each or even less.

The tests, which look like a pregnancy test, with two blue lines displayed for positive, are read by a health worker. One test has received emergency approval from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the other is expected to get it shortly.

The quick and easy but high-quality tests will allow mass screening of health workers, who are dying in disproportionate numbers in low income countries.

Wealthy countries that have signed up to the Access to Covid tools initiative (ACT accelerator), as the UK has, will also be able to order the tests. The initiative was launched in March by the WHO, the European commission, the Gates Foundation and the French government.

If you did nonstop testing for influenza, and also claimed that a person can be categorized as having died from the virus if they die at any period in their life after having tested positive, you could record millions of deaths from influenza every year.

This is obviously a scam, designed to continue this lockdown, because the lockdown is the end, not the means. They are using this lockdown to transform global society, as a part of their “great reset” world government agenda.