Who is Our Actual Greatest Ally?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 31, 2019

I think we’ve got a Charlie Kirk question brewing here, after a commenter on the DS BBS pointed out an absolutely obvious and undeniable fact that I had never thought of before.

He wrote:

This cliche is up there with “this zioshill fought for your freedumbs by slaughtering a million Iraqi civilians, over the WMD hoax.” Israel has NEVER ONCE in its entire history fought along side American troops in any major conflict. Not in Korea, not in Vietnam, not in Iraq, not in Afghanistan. You know who did fight alongside us in those wars, and in both world wars? Australia. Australia is our greatest ally. Israel is our most insidious parasite.

No one can possibly take issue with this, unless they are a traitor or a shill.

There is no other country that even comes anywhere close to the level of support that has been given to us by Australia. Hands down, no question, this is a simple fact.

Along with backing us up in every war, Australia has never gotten caught spying on us, they’ve never attacked our ships, and they’ve never sent Australian dual citizens to take over our foreign policy and send us to fight wars against New Zealand or Indonesia.

I would also feel much more comfortable sending billions of dollars to Australia, if we’re going to send billions of dollars to someone. At least they might use it for something good, or at the very least, not use it to harm America and Europe.

Plus, Australia has given us some of the greatest culture. Nick Cave, Steve Irwin – just to name a couple.

And to name another one – the one:

Saint Mel himself.

(Although I guess Mel’s dad was American, so he is like, the master race result of mixing of the blood of the two greatest allies.)

What has Israel given us? All of these disgusting Hollywood kikes and pornographers.

It’s time to take the real greatest ally pill.