WHO Expert Calls Crisis “Marathon,” Wants Total Lockdowns to Continue Indefinitely

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
April 9, 2020

“You can’t see your friends and loved ones anymore because of the flu.”

Thanks to people being scared of the flu, experts have gained the power to force people into isolation and to destroy the economy.

These experts are really fond of that power.

Daily Mail:

A World Health Organization (WHO) expert today warned against lifting strict lockdowns in place across Europe and said it was ‘dangerous’ to think the crisis is slowing down.

Dr Hans Kluge, the UN body’s regional director for Europe, described the current situation on the continent as ‘very concerning’, adding: ‘Now is not the time to relax measures.’

Around half of the 1.4million COVID-19 cases recorded around the world have been in Europe, with Spain, Italy, Germany, France and the UK the five hardest-hit nations.

In a press briefing this morning, Dr Kluge said: ‘To think we are coming close to an end point is a dangerous thing to do.

‘The virus leaves no room for complacency. Relaxing lockdown measures requires careful consideration.’

He added the upcoming Easter weekend was ‘not the time’ to relax restrictions, despite the promise of good weather across much of Europe.

Dr Kluge said: ‘This is not the time to lower our guard. We must soldier on. We are in this together and we will get through this together.’

Downing Street today confirmed it had delayed its decision to review the draconian lockdown implemented on March 23 to curb the spread of the virus.

If European countries end their coronavirus lockdowns and the rest of the world sees that people are fine, it will be harder to argue why America and other countries need to continue under lockdown for months or years.

For a similar reason, Sweden’s handling of the flu hysteria is a dangerous example. They’re not really doing a lockdown, and they’re better off than many countries that went full lockdown.

Powerful people such as Bill Gates want people to continue living in isolation until a vaccine is ready.

Now, if there was some kind of agenda that depended on this flu hysteria and that involved, say, going to war with China and mandatory vaccinations, any example of people breaking free of the panic spell and being just fine could jeopardize it.

It may be for that reason that we’re seeing so many of these so-called experts encourage fear and the idea that social isolation is going to be the new normal.