Who Does Liz Cheney Represent?

Liz Cheney was on 60 Minutes this week.

The fact that this woman is a representative in a supposedly representative democracy really gives the lie to the whole sham.

She does not represent anyone.

I have never in my life met a single person who holds the views of Liz Cheney.

Her views aren’t really even real, other than one: she wants a bunch of wars all over the world, because her family makes money off these wars. Anything else she says is just dressing for this core personal value of being aggressively pro-war.

In the interview, she apologized for opposing so-called “anal marriage” and homosexual pedophile child kidnapping AKA “gay adoption.”

She said it’s “freedom for everybody.”

Okay, now do pedophiles and people who have sex with dogs.

No, wait – if we’re doing “freedom,” let’s talk about the coronavirus.

Cheney is and has always been a hardcore lockdowner.

She also said that waterboarding is “not torture.” I don’t even know what that means.

Cheney made a point to denounce Donald Trump as evil, and said that anyone who doesn’t vote for her is evil like Trump.

Apparently, this makes her “good” in the eyes of Democrats.

But Democrats aren’t voting for her.

Who is voting for her?

Who in Wyoming said: “I feel that my values are represented by Liz Cheney”?

If no one said that, then what exactly is this government we are suffering under?

But hey, the good news is, Liz Cheney made a cute tweet about Donald Trump.

Frankly, making any jab at all against Trump, from Twitter, is a total self-own.

Me, I like politicians who aren’t considered safe enough by the establishment to not be censored (except I don’t like Trump because he’s a vax shill).