Who Cares What Women Think?

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
December 7, 2017

I hate drama, but here is an ideological question.

Many voices are piping up complaining that nationalist men are too “misogynistic.” This comes from the “conservative” consultant urge inside many that actually believe we “need more women.”

Revolutions don’t have diversity quotas. Gavin McInnes types aggressively recruit “hot right-wing women” because like a strip club owner, he wants to part a fool from his money. What we are doing is very different.

As a heavily persecuted anti-establishment movement, we need more men. Especially men with nothing and nobody to lose. They’re out there in droves (especially under 30) and we need to reach them. In this time and for this action, only a culture of hyper-masculinity for its own sake can save the West.

You Want to be the J-Left?

The real reason the J-left finds itself dedicating resources to bullshit like “fat positivity” and feminism (in a time where women are making more money than men) is because it defers to women. This has a retarding effect, as childless women are selfish, conformist and infantile. The leftist worldview is articulated through Harry Potter and mocked by the world.

Most men under the rule of the J-left are bullied into becoming soyboys or fags because women in charge of grown-up world create suffocating, unforgiving and petty environments. Men who raise the red flags of Hot Topic Bolshevism – like Dick Sucking Assholes (DSA) – live lives of thankless misery. They attack Nazis with shields in the street and get smashed, and all their women do is call them cuckbois while secretly masturbating to the victorious Fascists. If they don’t opt for the tranny surgery, they are on the perpetual defensive simply for “toxic masculinity,” then under attack again for not being masculine enough.

Even men as high profile as Bernie Sanders, who was one of two men speaking at a women’s conference, was subjected to mass attack from hate-filled cat-ladies.

The second the state and money power stops protecting the J-left, they will be in for a world of hurt.

This is why the Judenpress is taking up the Trad Thot cause.

Let history’s soon-to-be-losers be led around by women. We conquer them, as their subconscious demands.

What Do Women Know?

Women don’t know much about the big world, i.e. politics. This is true even if they have a general understanding of what’s going on. What we are doing is war by another means.

Many of us have lost relationships, passed on job prospects, are constantly risking harm, death or imprisonment, and are forced by the oppressor to feel like we are alone against all. Emotionally and psychologically, this requires toughness a few stops away from sitting in a freezing trench with artillery blowing up around you.

Are women really willing to do that? Even most men aren’t.

Female advice on most things is either bad or naive. If you listen to women on how to get women, you’ll never get laid again.

Southern white knight culture is a big motivator in men who believe the Alt-Right is “misogynistic.” That is understandable, and I’m sure women are friendlier and more normal in the country than in the big cities where men live under the warm breath of cunt HR managers and play STD roulette with careerist whores.

But let’s not forget that it’s the Bible Belt that blows the rest of America away with its divorce rate. They’re clearly getting something wrong.

Keep Women in the Little World!

Most men get enough of women and the feminine pole in every aspect of their lives. At their jobs, at school, on TV, even on social media – women are the system’s middle managers and are in your face 24/7.

There are many groups and consumer trends fighting for the coveted “female demographic.” Creating a culture where male bonding is prioritized (even if it is offensive to women) would give us a monopoly. Whatever you think of Roosh, the reason he got so much shit from Jews a few years ago is because he tried to create such a culture using his meetup groups. This is how revolutions begin.

Once upon a time it was woman who was our escape. The warmth of the stove, the joy of laughing children, and the love of an adoring and loyal wife. The softness of a woman’s body is in and of itself a beautiful thing.

But the fact of the matter is that if you are a Millennial or Gen Z, there’s a good chance you will never have that no matter what you do. The overwhelming majority of women are broken and lost. They only love themselves, their money and their dog, and maybe if you hit on them the right way, you – for about 10 minutes. Probably 10 minutes after the last guy.

But don’t take the black pill and wait for sex robots. Instead, continue to court women (as sexual and romantic affection with women is key to a man’s psychological health) but always keep the futility of this in a society that incentivizes bad female behavior. Use it as fuel for the fight.

We have inherited a chaotic world. It’s up to our generation to restore everything (including women) back to order.

You can’t convince a kid not to eat ice cream for dinner or stay up late every night by letting him make the rules. Women that can’t handle the heavy-handed, vulgar, banter driven – yes, masculine – culture of the Alt-Right should be shown the door, not placated.