WHO and Global Faith Leaders Call for Whites to Stop Hogging the Vaxx


Time for more stupid propaganda about how white people are hogging all the vaccines…!

The Guardian:

Global faith leaders and senior health and humanitarian figures are calling on countries to ensure the equitable distribution of Covid vaccines, warning that the world is “at a turning point”.

The signatories of an international declaration include Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the World Health Organization; Henrietta Fore, executive director of Unicef, the UN’s children’s agency; Peter Maurer, president of the International Committee of the Red Cross; Filippo Grandi, United Nations high commissioner for refugees; Justin Welby, the archbishop of Canterbury and leader of the global Anglican church; Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb, the grand imam of al-Azhar; and Christian and Jewish leaders.

They said: “There is a choice. The world of the next 10 years can be one of greater justice, abundance and dignity. Or it can be one of conflict, insecurity and poverty. We are at a turning point.”

Saying that no country in the world has been untouched by the Covid pandemic, the declaration calls for equitable vaccine access both within and between countries by providing vaccines and funding, and sharing knowledge and expertise.

The declaration concludes: “It is time for decisive leadership. Countries and organisations across the world have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to address global inequality and reverse some of the fallout from the past year. In doing so, they will bring hope not only for the poorest in the world, but for us all.”

This is stupid and fake.

We are bursting at the seams with vaccines.

They are telling us constantly that everyone has to take the vaccine, then they come out and say “white people, you’ve got too many vaccines! Give some to these brown people!”

This headline is from over a month ago:

Now look at this headline from three weeks ago:

There is no scarcity, there is conspiracy by whites to hog all the vaccines.

This claim doesn’t even make any sense, and it conflicts with the claim that whites all need to be immediately vaxxed.

It’s a hoax to pump up fake scarcity to make third world people think they’re getting a real treat when they get vaxxed.

It is absolutely disgusting for WHO and these religious groups to come out and just lie about something anyone can look up in four seconds.

The fact that these people would get together and release a fake statement like this should tell you everything you need to know.