Whites Rate 17th on Fed Median Household Income List

If “white privilege” is about wealth, then it sure as hell doesn’t make a lot of sense.

According to the US Census Bureau, whites ranked 17th in median household income in 2018.

It seems that we’ve given over huge portions of our national wealth to various invading groups. This is of course a result of the policies of our government, which have favored nonwhite foreigners over the descendants of the people who founded and built this country.

Note that if you were to include Jews in the above list, not only would they be at the top of the list, whites would likely score lower than 17th place, due to not having the Jews to lift them up.

So, what then do they mean by “white privilege”?

Basically, they mean that we live in a society that is built by whites, so white people are normal in our society. It is the privilege to be normal which they are attacking.

They want to transform our society into something where whites are not normal. They want it to be a place where blacks are normal.

We know what that looks like.

You have to wonder if even the blacks themselves would want to live in such a society.

But the blacks themselves don’t seem to be thinking this through, and they’re certainly not the ones planning this revolution.

It’s unfortunate.