WWII Veteran Dies in Nursing Home as Disgusting Sheboons Tasked with Taking Care of Him Laugh

Tim Hort
Daily Stormer
November 19, 2017

Nobody should ever, under any circumstance put a family member in a nursing facility/retirement home.

Mistreatment of elderly Whites by non-Whites is a problem across the country in these facilities, sometimes fatal like in this case.

Fox News:

A hidden video from 2014 showed nurses laughing as a World War II veteran repeatedly called for help and died while in their care.

The family of James Dempsey, 89, of Woodstock, Ga., hid a camera in the late veteran’s room in the Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation Center which captured the night he died.

The video showed the decorated WWII veteran repeatedly calling for help, saying he could not breathe. It also showed the nurses failing to take life-saving measures and laughing as they tried to start an oxygen machine.

The nurses, including a nursing supervisor, Wanda Nuckles, told Dempsey’s family lawyers in the deposition that when she learned the veteran had stopped breathing, she rushed to his room and took over CPR, keeping it up until paramedics, WXIA-TV reported.

However, the secret video showed that nobody was doing CPR when she arrived, and she did not start immediately. After the attorneys showed Nuckles the video, she told them it was an honest mistake, based on her normal reactions.

Seriously, if you’re in your thirties or forties and your parents are getting up there, you need to get together with your siblings and figure out a plan for taking care of the folks outside of a nursing home.

Yes, I know they are boomers who put their own parents in these brutal nigger-run concentration camps, but no one deserves this. Not even boomers who did it to their own parents. And we are better than the boomers.