White Wrestling Referee Fired for Forcing Black Student to Follow Rules Regarding Hair Length

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 29, 2018

Long hair is generally not allowed in wrestling at all, certainly not in competitive wrestling. For presumably obvious reasons.

This is a situation that would have been considered a little bit funny, which has turned into an anti-racist witch hunt by the media.


Alan Maloney, the White referee who forced, Andrew Johnson, a Black high school wrestler to cut his dreadlocks before a match, will no longer work in the Buena Regional School District. According to Good Morning America, David Cappuccio, a New Jersey superintendent decided at an emergency meeting earlier this week.

Maloney was placed on indefinite suspension after the dreadlock-cutting incident was recorded and shared on social media.

Cappuccio addressed the controversy in a letter on the high school’s website writing, “The Staff and administration within the Buena Regional School District will continue to support and stand by all of our students and student-athletes.”

Following the posting of the letter, a meeting was held at Buena High for a vote on “personnel matters.” However, Cappuccio made a decision on the viral haircut before the group addressed it.

“He’s done working with our district,” the superintendent said, according to WPVI.

Johnson’s family was at the meeting and their lawyer Dominic A. Speziali said the wrestler was “emotionally drained” from the embarrassing incident.

Speziali wrote in a statement, “The blame here rests primarily with the referee and those that permitted him to continue in that role despite clear evidence of what should be a disqualifying race-related transgression.”

Here is the rule, from a standard high school wrestling rulebook:

Note that the alleged skin-hate victim was only forced to cut the hair that couldn’t be covered by the ear covers (this is a picture of him after the incident):

The assumption is that forcing black people to follow the same rules as white people is a form of racial hatred.

The reason that this sort of thinking exists is that if you did not create situations like this, you would no longer be able to claim that racism exists.

Because racism, as the kind that is advertised as existing, really does not exist. No one is going around trying to hurt black people’s feelings on purpose. This simply is not a thing.

I have been globally promoted as the world’s number one nigger-hater, because I believe in racial separation. And I wouldn’t force a random black person to cut his hair for no reason. What purpose could that possibly serve?

The implication here is that white people have an underlying desire to hurt black people for no specific reason. We are even told that white people want black people to be criminals, even though white people end up being victims of that criminality, simply because we are so mean, that we put harming black people over our own safety.

Does this make sense to anyone?

Have you ever met anyone like this? 

Maybe I’m just disconnected from the reality of this form of racism because I am a different kind of racist, but I have certainly never, in all my years as being labeled the world’s number one hater, ever met a single person with a desire to hurt the feelings of black people out of pure meanness.

I have joked about that, but I have joked about it in a transparently satirical way, mocking the image of racists that is presented by the Jewish media.

I think that there needs to be a clear distinction between “racists” like myself who believe in racial separation due to the biological incompatibility of blacks and whites and the theoretical racism of people who allegedly simply want to hurt the feelings of black people out of pure mean-spiritedness.

Again – I have no evidence that the latter type doesn’t exist, I have simply seen no evidence that it does exist, and every case of it presented by the media is clearly a hoax.

This wrestling referee was simply following rules about hair-length that I think everyone can basically understand. I would think that anyone who knows what the sport of wrestling is would be able to intuitively gather why this rule exists.

If the current definition of “racism” is “applying rules that were written for everyone to black people,” then okay. Fine. But I don’t think that it is fair to associate this with either:

  1. Inexplicable hatred for the color of the skin, or
  2. Political “racism” which seeks separation of the races due to scientifically measurable racial differences

“Black people should have to follow the same rules” racism is then a third type of racism, which is associated with neither skin-hatred or a political and scientific perspective on race.

And it should also be made explicitly clear to everyone in society, perhaps through a series of public service announcements, that it is socially unacceptable to expect black people to follow the same rules as everyone else. Because I am quite certain that this wrestling referee was not aware of this new rule, and if he had been aware of it, he would have simply let the black wrestler break the rule.

The assumption that this random guy was holding a secret hatred for the color of the skin, and that this was his reasoning for forcing a black person to follow the same rules as everyone else, is completely insane. No serious person could believe that claim.

It is utterly absurd on the face of it.

All of this is to say: I do not think that anti-racism should be allowed to operate in secrecy. Anti-racists, now possessing a phenomenal amount of power in our society, should be forced to reveal exactly what premises they are operating under to the entire society so that the general public is able to follow all of these new rules they’ve created.

One has to imagine that the only reason they have not made this new set of rules explicit is that if they did, everyone would follow these rules in order to not get fired or suffer other social consequences, thus making the position of anti-racist action squads superfluous.

However, it is simply unfair that such a powerful new regulatory body is able to function in absolute secrecy.