White Women Volunteering at Calais Having Sex with Multiple Migrants Per Day

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 22, 2016


Calais migrants.


Turns out women are traveling to Calais and having sex with multiple Black Africans each day.

Which at least partially explains why such high numbers of women support the invasion agenda, while men tend to oppose it.

The Independent:

Volunteers in the Calais Jungle have been accused of sexually exploiting refugees and even child migrants.

The Independent has discovered a serious row has broken out among some unpaid charity workers at the camp in northern France, with some believing forging sexual relationships with adult refugees is natural in such circumstances, while others say it breaches all usual codes of conduct.

One man who raised the alarm was later subjected to a barrage of online abuse.

After being told of the allegations, UNHCR, the United Nations Refugee Agency, called for charities in Calais to impose “zero tolerance” policies on any exploitation to help maintain the “integrity” of volunteer work.

The issue came to light after a bitter online discussion between volunteers that was later deleted after concerns were raised that it would become a scandal if it were seen by journalists. The Independent saved a copy before it was removed.

The exchanges were started by a male volunteer on a Facebook group for Jungle workers called Calais People to People Solidarity, which has more than 36,000 members. The Independent has decided not to publish his name.

The man wrote: “I have heard of boys, believed to be under the age of consent, having sex with volunteers. I have heard stories of men using the prostitutes in the Jungle too.

“I have heard of volunteers having sex with multiple partners in one day, only to carry on in the same vein the following day. And I know also, that I’m only hearing a small part of a wider scale of abuse.”

The volunteer went on to say these sexual encounters were damaging for refugees, who are “in an entirely unequal position of power” and “entirely dependent on the aid that is provided by volunteers”.

“Sex from a person who is in a position of power or influence, in such a one-sided affair, especially where it is perceived that aid or better aid can be gained from it, that it is, and can be defined as sexual abuse,” he said.

He cited the code of conduct used by UNHCR, which states that sexual relationships between aid staff and beneficiaries are “strongly discouraged” due to “unequal power relationships”.

What a cuck.

Men using prostitutes has nothing to do with anything – they’re prostitutes – it’s a job (more than likely he just made that part up). And women having sex with migrants has nothing to do with “abuse.”


Ah, but on some level, I have to give the little faggot credit. Despite his cuckold nature, some bit of desire for ownership of his females is showing through. Of course, the women recognized that for exactly what it was, and revolted against him, unwilling to have any White man tell them they can’t have serial sexual relationships with these apes.

The man added that the majority of cases in question involved female volunteers and male refugees – which he claimed risked the objectification of women volunteering in the camp.He wrote: “Female volunteers having sex enforces the view (that many have) that volunteers are here for sex. This impression objectifies women in the camp and increases the risks.”


“White omen coming here for sex reinforces the view that White women are coming here for sex.”

His comments prompted accusations of sexism and misogyny from female members of the group. One commented on the post: “I find this attitude incredibly patronising and paternalistic with added sexism and racism.

“There is a serious point in here among all the moralistic bullshit but I find it very off-putting. I find the assertion that women choosing to have sex encourages rape quite frankly disturbing.”

But others agreed with him and acknowledged that volunteer-refugee relationships were a serious issue in the camp that should not be “covered up”.

One commenter wrote: “I don’t think we should be covering this up, just that we should be dealing with it as organisations looking to impress upon individuals the gravity of the situation and the power imbalance of volunteer-refugee relationships. It’s a serious issue, and must be dealt with seriously.”

Gonna assume that was a male commenter.

Another commented: “Sweeping this issue under the carpet will not make it go away. We were all in uncharted territory the first time we arrived in the camp and so this was bound to happen to a lesser or greater extent.”

Gonna assume that was a male commenter.

Others meanwhile called for the group’s admin to remove the thread over fears a “news outlet would gain access to it”.

Gonna assume that was a female commenter.

The post was deleted within several hours of it being posted, but it has since emerged that the issue is well known among charities working in the area.

Maya Konforti, who volunteers for Auberge des Migrants, told The Independent about another case in which a British female volunteer had built up a “bad reputation” in the camp by sleeping with multiple refugees.

Ms Konforti said: “I know one British woman who had a very bad reputation in the Jungle. If she had been volunteering with Auberge she would be thrown out, but she did it on her own, she was here independently.

“She found the right refugee and now she’s with him. That’s what I hear. She’s back in the UK and lives with a refugee.”

This is one instance where I take no pleasure in saying “I told you so.” But you know, I did say this. And was viciously attacked as a “woman-hater.”

Look, I just report the facts.

Men get feelings over this. Like “oh, our women hate us, they would rather have sex with monkeys.”

Firstly, even if that were exactly true – who cares? Basing your own value as a man on the behavior and attitudes of women is the epitome of pathetic faggotry. Women are irrational, amoral and cruel, and any man who bases his opinion of himself on what women think of him is bound to live a wasted life.

The fact of the matter is, women will do whatever they are able to get away with if you let them off the leash. This chronic sex with non-Whites isn’t something all White women are engaged in, of course, it is just the most extreme form of a general behavior pattern among women that has resulted from feminism.

You see, a woman has a natural desire to be controlled, as a man proves his worth to her by his ability to control her. So when they are told they are free, and should go be independent, they will act out in increasing extreme ways, as a means to express the demand that they be put back under control. Arguably, going to Calais to have sex with multiple Black people per day is the most extreme way of making this demand.

Because of course women know it is dehumanizing to have sex with Blacks. And they know that there is really nothing that gets to a White man more, on a more primal level, then seeing a White woman with a Black man.

That is the key here: it really isn’t about the sex itself, it is about a desire to shame White men by attacking their image of themselves as men in the most vicious imaginable way. It is a punishment for abandoning them to feminism.

And of course, it is a way to end the suffering that feminism has brought them. They see these aggressive men, who will take so little shit from their women that they will literally make them wear bags covering their bodies in public, and they want that for themselves, on a primal level.

Because regardless of what some Jew told you, we are all animals. And after we have food and warmth, everything about our being is geared toward reproduction. It is really that simple.


Feminism has created a social environment which has made it nearly impossible for women to fulfill this most basic biological function of reproduction, and so they seek to abolish it by any means necessary.

Their bodies and their underlying, basic animal psychology doesn’t really care whether or not White men respond to their monkey sex behavior and abolish feminism, or if they just replace us with foreign men who won’t tolerate feminism.

So no. The sex isn’t about sex. Because although virtually everything in life is about sex, sex isn’t about sex. Sex is about reproduction.

And women who are put in a position where their ability to reproduce is being blocked will respond will sexual behaviors which look extremely strange to men who have not taken the red pill.