White Women Burned Down the Atlanta Wendy’s

White women are much more vile than the blacks.

Firstly, blacks do not have control over the survival of the race in the way that white women do.

Secondly, the worst thing a black person has ever done to me personally is hold a knife to my throat and take $60 out of my wallet, whereas white women have destroyed the lives of everyone I know.

Thirdly, white women are more violent than the blacks and will burn down Wendy’s in the name of the blacks.

Fox News:

Atlanta officials released photographs on Tuesday of a second suspect in their arson investigation at a Wendy’s, which was burned down following the death of 27-year-old Rayshard Brooks.

Images of the two arson suspects, both white females, were shared during a press conference at a fire station on Manford Road, according to Fox 5.

Previous pictures reportedly showed one suspect wearing black clothing and a facial covering. The new photos show another woman without a mask, wearing a black top with a purple shirt wrapped around her waist and a necklace.

Reporter Portia Bruner of Fox 5 tweeted the images following their release and said the authorities would soon be giving additional updates.

Imagine how stupid these women are, thinking they could get away with arson because they were doing it in the name of the blacks. Who knows though – maybe they will get away with it. But imagine that fat blob lumbering in there without a mask on, right in front of that camera – no black would be so stupid.

We have to get these sluts under control. We must use whatever means necessary. I’ve personally been advocating public shaming for a very long time, and I think if we all started doing it, it would have a big effect and empower other men to do the same.

For example:

  • If you see an overweight woman in public, say, “hey bitch, you’re looking pretty fat.”
  • If you see a woman in slutty revealing clothing, say, “nice shirt, slut. Sucked any good dicks lately?”
  • If you see a woman with a black or otherwise nonwhite man, look at her then look at him and then back at her and say, “your father must be very proud.”

And so on. You all understand what gets under their skin. The important thing is that it’s targeted at her lack of attractiveness and/or lack of chastity. One comment like this, if you look them in the eye and then just walk away, will ruin their entire day and possibly stay with them for much longer. And it only takes you a couple of seconds. It is a massive, massive return on your investment, bigger than any other form of activism, and it is targeting the most important problem that we face, which is our inability to form healthy families.

If you want to up the ante, film it. That will absolutely magnify her shame, as she wonders how many people will witness her being degraded in this way.

Women absolutely respond to shame. Conversely, they do not in any way respond to:

  • Logic
  • Facts
  • Morality
  • Guilt

A woman’s entire reality is based on how she feels, and all of us, assuming we are in shape and hold ourselves like adult men, have the ability to make women feel absolutely horrible. This entire Jewish system is about giving positive reinforcement to bad behavior, telling her she’s brave and stunning for being a fat whore who has sex with the blacks. It’s time to pull out some negative reinforcement.

If this becomes a social trend, women absolutely will change their behavior. The Jews can make all of the media they want, if these sluts have men coming up to them on the streets and calling them fat whores, the media means nothing. An army of beta male orbiters confirming their beauty falls away like ashes when an alpha male tells her that her behavior has made her worthless.

I support a #TellHerHowYouReallyFeel movement that would normalize this and get a significant portion of men doing it regularly, every chance they get, turning it into a Crusade.

The Bible tells us that we should be judgmental, and it also obviously says that women shouldn’t behave this way. In speaking out directly against these women, you are doing your Christian duty. God will bless you for engaging in this action to help restore the natural order and continue the project of multiplying the Christian race, as we are commanded to do.

What’s more, it will remove the veil for you, and make you no longer afraid of women. I know that many of you are afraid of women. It’s just between you and yourself, you don’t have to tell me. It’s not your fault that you are afraid; we are trained to be from birth. But it is your duty to overcome it, and make yourself into a better man.

Degrading women in public will make you into a better man, it will strengthen your self-esteem and your character, as you learn that the only thing that you have a duty to fear is God Himself.

Remember: everything bad that is happening is happening because women are out of control. Blame the Jews, okay, good – but there are not enough Jews to make all of this happen. They needed an army of enforcers, and that army of enforcers is white women. Most of you have an enforcer in your own home, whether it be your mother or your wife. Some of you no doubt have control over your wives, but let’s be honest – most of you probably don’t.

The rest of you live alone, specifically because women’s liberation has left you without a partner, as the woman who should by divine right be your wife is off somewhere getting drunk, getting herpes, causing chaos at some workplace, finding herself on a sex tour through Europe or the third world – doing anything but what she is ordered by God to do, which is bear your children and to serve you. That is literally the only reason that God made these creatures in the first place. Serving a man and bearing his children is the only way a woman can avoid Hell.

These whores have taken our right to families, to a legacy, to security, to accomplishment – they’ve taken everything, and they feel no guilt. You cannot ever convince a woman to feel guilty. She is incapable of it, because she is incapable of grasping the possibility that she can ever do something wrong. She has little to no understanding that she is even making decisions at all. In her mind, everything that happens to her is the result of some external force, which means that guilt cannot exist.

But shame does. Because shame, unlike guilt, comes from the outside.

We need to act and we need to act quickly.