White Women are Lucky.

Basically, 70% of the Black Lives Matter mob is white women. They’re more aggressive and unhinged than the blacks. It was a white woman who burned Wendy’s in the name of Rayshard Brooks.

It really proves how absolutely stupid white women are. They are not simply hate-filled and desiring to destroy Western civilization to spite their fathers. They are also setting up a situation where they themselves are going to be slaughtered.

On Sunday, Washington Post columnist Karen Attiah noted that the white women out protesting in the name of Black Lives Matter are lucky that blacks aren’t killing them.

We’re freshly into this revolution, and blacks are already saying we’re lucky we’re not being killed. Of course, this is the precursor to killing. When you say “you’re lucky I don’t kill you,” you’re saying, “you deserve to die.” That is the phase we’re in right now, in the countdown to genocide.

It is quickly going to shift to “you deserve to die because of Emmett Till and voting for Donald Trump, so we’re killing you.”

Gregory Stanton’s stages of genocide are basically accurate, apparently. We’re seeing it play out in real time.

Of course, Attiah is probably looking at all of these white women with her black men at the marches and wanting to kill them because they’re making the whole thing about themselves.

The white female ratio at these rallies is just simply staggering. Every picture you see, you’d think it was one of those vagina marches.

If you think I’m selectively choosing these images, go type “black lives matter rally” into Google Images. These are just standard photographs from these rallies. Honestly, 75% white women is a conservative estimate.

This image is especially telling:

You have the white women in front, doing this big emotional show, and the black women in the background looking bored and rolling their eyes at the hysterical white bitches.

It’s not really surprising that black women would be upset at uppity white bitches for somehow managing to make a protest movement that is supposed to be about blacks being murdered about themselves. Although I would probably say that wanting to kill them over it is a bit extreme.

Imagine it: white women are out there openly calling for the destruction of our civilization, while at the same time furthering the rage of blacks against us by making themselves targets of black anger.

These stupid whores are going to call for us to save them when the blacks start the inevitable slaughter.