White Women and Black Men Show Up at the Homes of GOP Senators in the Name of Notorious RBG

No one in the media is talking about how new and how crazy it is to have protesters showing up at people’s personal homes.

The only reason you would go to someone’s personal home is to threaten and menace them, personally. The message isn’t “change your policy or we’ll vote against you,” it’s “do what we want or we’ll kill your family.”

Fox News:

Angry protesters have gathered outside homes owned by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., to express their anger at the Republican senators’ support for moving forward with nominating and confirming a new Supreme Court justice before November’s election after the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Banging drums, shouting slogans and flashing lights, dozens of protesters amassed outside Graham’s home in Washington in the early morning hours Monday as Capitol Police tried to keep them off the lawmaker’s property.

“We can’t sleep so neither should Lindsey,” a banner read.

Graham was not in Washington at the time and that the senator “regrets the disturbance caused to his neighbors,” a spokesman for Graham said Monday afternoon.

But Graham later tweeted on Monday afternoon a comment asking his followers “how did your Monday start?” before asking them to “[s]tand with me against the mob.”

Demonstrators later marched from Graham’s home to the Supreme Court building.

A similar scene to the one at Graham’s Washington residence played out on Saturday outside McConnell’s home in Kentucky as around 100 people gathered to protest.

“Ruth Sent Us,” and “No Ethics No Shame,” read some of the signs carried by crowd members in Louisville, local FOX station WDRB-TV reported.

“Hey-hey, ho-ho, Mitch McConnell has got to go,” others chanted.

Yes, of course with the hey-ho bit.

They also chanted “move bitch, get out the way.”

Ha ha, cute, haha ha.

The top combo is white women and black men. And that’s how the killing is going to start, when they start the killing. The white women are going to be howling at their black men, telling them, “KILL, TYRONE, KILL!” and the blacks will oblige them.

We have already mostly normalized slaughtering people by normalizing protesting their houses.

It’s funny that this is literally what Notorious RBG has wrought with her empowerment of white women to kill their children and be so very proud of the slaughter. Now they’re ready to start slaughtering others. In the name of the Notorious RBG, they want the killing to really get going.

One of the main reasons no one gave women rights before the modern Jewish era is that they are so very cruel and unforgiving. You are going to live to see how cruel they can get.