White Woman Talks About Having Her Face Slashed by Unknown Black Sow

7 Online
March 26, 2015

Heather Sir was attacked by a sheboon with a razor blade when she stepped outside for a cigarette in our multicultural paradise.

A woman’s face was disfigured in a random attack.

She was slashed by a maniac with a razor blade as she stepped outside for a cigarette.

She told her story exclusively to Eyewitness News.

Surveillance video shows her walking out of a bar in Brooklyn last month and right into the middle of a violent attack.

“It’s really not hard not to just curl up in a ball and just cry. But I can’t do that,” said Heather Sir, the victim.

For Sir the past five weeks have been torture.

“I haven’t left my house in over a month,” Sir said.

Her disfigurement is so upsetting that she can’t bear to show her face in public, or even in private.

The sheboon has yet to be apprehended.

“I have problems looking in the mirror still. I don’t see me anymore,” Sir said.

It was Valentine’s Day that her world changed.

Security camera footage from a Bedford-Stuyvesant bar shows her standing outside having a cigarette, when out of nowhere a woman approached her and hit her in the face.

What you can’t see in the video are the razor blades tucked between the attacker’s fingers.

Sir needed 70 stitches. She allowed Eyewitness News to see pictures that were taken the very next day.

“When I do talk about it makes me feel more vulnerable because it was completely random,” Sir said.

Heather used to be a regular pool player at Divine Bar and Grill on Broadway.

On February 14th, the woman got into an argument with a stranger she thought was taking too long in the bathroom.

Management kicked her out and she returned with those blades.

Heather Sir needed 70 stitches and says the last 5 weeks have been torture.