White Teen Shot Dead After His Coalburning Mom Deliberately Moved Family to a More Diverse Area

Conner Dassa-Holland and his mother Alicia Dassa

Imagine relocating to a blacker area, seriously endangering your son’s life in the process, so you can virtue signal about the importance of multiculturalism.

It’s just… almost too much.

Daily Mail:

Seattle cops are searching for suspects after an 18-year-old high school football captain was shot and killed outside his home while moving his parents’ car.

Conner Dassa-Holland was shot in the head at around 10pm on Sunday near his family’s home in the Rainier Beach section of Seattle, one of the most crime-plagued areas of the city.

Dassa-Holland was asked by his father to move their car to a spot that had opened in front of their house, according to The Seattle Times.

While re-parking the car, he was fatally shot.

Alicia Dassa, Conner’s mother, said she was in bed at the time of the shooting and heard gunshots, but didn’t think much of it.

‘That’s normal around here,’ she said. ‘I didn’t even get out of bed.’

But a neighbor ran into the house and told her that her son had been shot.

Alicia Dassa quickly ran outside and saw her car stuck against a small rock wall.

Her husband, James, was holding their son while screaming her name.

‘I saw Conner and I just grabbed him and was holding him,’ Alicia Dassa told the Times.

‘I just held him and told him it was going to be OK and that we loved him.

‘He still had a pulse, a strong pulse, when the ambulance arrived.’

Conner was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at Harborview Medical Center.

Dassa, who is white, said she and her husband, who is black, decided to move to Rainier Beach in 2011 because it is an area ‘where other families look like us.’

We really wanted the kids to grow up in an area where they’d learn from the people around us,’ she said.

It didn’t just shape who we are as a family, but who the kids are as people.’

Those who knew Conner said that despite the crime-ridden surroundings, he was never involved in criminal activity.