White Teen Beaten By Racist Black Mob, Police Lecture Outraged White Community Instead

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
October 4, 2016


It’s no secret that since the 1960’s, the mass media has gone out of its way to cover up black on white violence. In 1963 one of the Jewish fathers of Neo-Conservatism, Norman Podhoretz, praised the press’ work in consciously deceiving Americans about how blacks really behave. Colin Flaherty, who I think does great work, still won’t “go there” when his growing audience demands to know  why exorbitant and wildly disproportionate rates of homicidal black violence against whites never breaks through the paper curtain. To Flaherty’s followers, it is equally puzzling to simultaneously hear the eardrum shattering Oy Veys emanate from all the major international information outlets from New York To London when a white person goes out in public in a Gorilla costume. Maybe, just maybe, the Fourth Estate isn’t broken or biased, but actively engaged in a conscious political plot?

But conservative whack-a-mole is becoming more and more obsolete by the minute, people are starting to get fed up and rightfully beginning to lose faith in the institutions that stopped serving normal people a long time ago. The latest case of this burgeoning white sentiment are the courageous parents of 17 year old Brian Ogle, who have taken to local media in Alabama to condemn the vicious black mob attack that left their son with brain damage as what it is: a hate crime.

According to Brian’s mother Brandi Allen, the young man was targeted shortly after arguing in defense of the police on Facebook, in response to black students organizing a Black Lives Matter event at  Sylacauga High School:

She says he was targeted for posting pro police comments on Facebook, after some Sylacauga High School students wore Black Lives Matter shirts to school last week.

Police say he was beaten up by multiple people in an abandoned business parking lot, Friday.

They acknowledge growing racial tensions at the school could have played a part in this assault.

“I want to see them in jail, this most certainly is a race issue, it’s a hate crime.” Allen said.

Police have not confirmed any of that, one thing they have said, they do not have any evidence that the organization Black Lives Matter played a part in this.

Sylacauga, Alabama is a microcosm of what is going on everywhere in working class white America. With a median household income of $34, 236 dollars a year, it’s safe to say the average white family can’t afford to send their kids to Segregated School (elite liberal whites and Jews in NYC and California preaching diversity to evil racist rednecks call use the code word “private school”), while at the same time, these families stuck with stagnating wages make just barely enough to not be able to qualify for free lunches or public aid (the cutoff income for a family of four is $31, 525 for subsidized school lunches, which means basically mostly blacks and the children of illegal immigrants qualify). Most white folks have no advocates, allies, or power, and so kids forced to attend 43% non-white public schools like in Sylacauga (most of that black) as was the case with Ogle are left to fend for themselves in a dog eat dog environment where negroes are taught to back one another up while whites are encouraged to identify as “individuals”.  This kind of violence against white children is common place, and nobody is doing anything about it except to sweep it under the rug or bully white parents for complaining about their kids being murdered and raped.

The most angering part of this story is the reaction from the police. It’s a cliche at this point to say that the Sylacauga Police Department would be leading candlelight vigils and leaving no stone unturned if a group of Ku Klux Klan supporters beat a single black within an inch of his life for saying something on Facebook. Yet to the outraged white community demanding answers on Social Media, police chief Kelley B. Johnson chooses to deride us instead:

I do ask for all of your help in trying to relieve tensions in our city by not posting negative things on social media. I understand that some of you are concerned that SPD or BOE will “sweep this under the rug,” but any intelligent person should see that that is not possible. I am not one to “sweep” any crime under anything much less a crime as violent as this.

I now ask everyone to pray for the 17 year old victim of this assault, his family, the officers and investigators working the case and while your at it say a little prayer for our community as a whole so that maybe we can get past this and be a stronger community because of it.

You see?  The problem isn’t black on white violence, it’s white people complaining about it on Facebook. That is the same exact logic the niggers who beat Brian Ogle into critical condition used. If white people just stop complaining about being murdered, assaulted, and raped for no reason, and if they pray a lot, then suddenly the blacks engaging in this monkey business will have a change of heart and we’ll all live happily ever after.

This is the thanks Brian Ogle gets for defending, and later getting brutally beaten over, the sentiment of “Blue Lives Matter”: a police force that on the one hand admits it is likely  that”racial tension” (a code word for irrational black hatred of random white people) is the motive, yet on the other hand refuses to even bring up the possibility that it is a hate crime. There’s only one reality Kelley Johnson, you can either live in it or lie about it.  They claim they have no information about the crime and have increased vigilance in the high school where it happened, yet today another presumably white student who was friends with Ogle was beaten by a black mob, and no arrests were made. 

All of this is why I personally don’t say Blue Lives Matter or like the concept, even if I will support the police when I see they are being attacked unfairly. In the end, to many police forces white lives are politically expedient. If the police won’t protect victims of crime and every day people, then they don’t deserve our support and we need new police.

Seeing the new normal of police forces standing down out of fear of political repercussions from the Jewish plutocracy, all while blacks riot and lynch white people in the streets of capital cities around the US , it’s time to trade in your “Blue Lives Matter” for a “White Lives Matter”. With Jews funneling 100’s of millions of dollars into the organizations encouraging this kind of black barbarism, and with an entire establishment hell-bent on our destruction, if we don’t take our own side, nobody else will.