White Supremacy is In the Air Tonight as Phil Collins Bans “Wetbacks, Pakis and Spooks” from the Alamo

The Alamo was built by blacks from cotton. Then, when it was attacked, blacks defended it using cotton cannons. Phil Collins is working to bury these facts, because he hates dark colors of skin.

I’m pretty sure I got that headline right. But to be honest, I just grazed the text of this news article.

From what I can tell, Collins thinks that the so-called “lesser races” shouldn’t be allowed in his museum. He wishes that it would rain down and cleanse the streets of vibrancy. For Phil Collins, a 100% white world is just another day in paradise.

He’s shown his true colors – white supremacy.

Phil can’t hurry love for you – the whites.

He thinks tonight, tonight, tonight is the time for blacks to die.

Word is, Phil hates blacks so much because they are good dancers – after all, he can’t dance.

For a long time, Phil was an idol to me – a short man with a round head and male pattern baldness.

I can’t support him anymore. I’m pulling my support for Phil Collins.

I just smashed my entire collection of Genesis albums.

Then I sent him a message on WhatsApp and said “go ahead and lose my number, Phil – because I CAN stop loving you.”

Before I blocked him, he replied “well, I guess we will just have to live our separate lives.”


Phil Collins has been drawn into a race row after a US museum, which will house his memorabilia from the Siege of the Alamo, was accused of “glorifying” white figures while ignoring Latino, Native American and black fighters.

In 2014, the Genesis frontman – who has a longstanding interest in the legendary 1836 battle between less than 200 Texan rebels and approximately 6,000 Mexican soldiers – donated his collection of weapons, clothing, letters and artifacts from the event to the state of Texas. The trove is estimated to be worth £10 million ($13.78 million).

His donation was made on condition that, by 2021, the state would build a museum dedicated to the Battle at the Alamo – a 300-year-old fortified mission in the city of San Antonio that is now a tourist landmark attracting around 1.6 million visitors annually – to display the collection.

Although a £15 million ($20.68 million) exhibition hall is due to open next summer, it has been criticized by Hispanic-Texan activists as an “expensive palace glorifying the Alamo myth” of a heroic struggle between a handful of white defenders against a Mexican horde led by General Santa Anna.

This isn’t a myth – it’s literally what happened.

If any part of it is a myth, it’s that Santa Anna was a squat little fruit-picker.

If he’d been an actual Mexican, he probably would have gotten bored and left after the second day of the siege, gone somewhere and gotten drunk and then impregnated a 10-year-old.

Its critics argue the museum and Collins’ collection will help perpetuate that narrative – bolstered by Hollywood movies – about the 13-day siege and subsequent 90-minute massacre of a small band of fighters led by American folk heroes like Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie.

According to them, the museum should reflect the contributions to Texas independence by Tejanos (Texans of Mexican descent) as well as Native Americans and black slaves. In addition, they want greater emphasis on the historical context regarding slavery and colonialism.

“We’ve got to bring other stories and people to the forefront because for too many years they’ve been the afterthought,” Ramon Vasquez, a spokesman for the indigenous Tap Pilam Coahuiltecan Nation, told The Times newspaper.

However, local politicians and conservative groups want the museum to remain largely focused on the core participants of the battle. The situation has even seen armed protesters turn up at the Alamo.

Militia groups reportedly helped stop a plan to move a 17-meter-tall marble cenotaph bearing the names of the fallen settlers from outside the church building. Last year, the monument was apparently spray-painted with graffiti saying, “White supremacy, profit over people, the ALAMO.”

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m really sick of hearing these people whine.

Frankly, much more than the non-stop violence, and the welfare leeching – I’m sick of the whining.

These people literally offer nothing.

Nothing. At. All.

But they are not content to simply live in our country, to abuse us, to feed off of our wealth. Instead, they must make constant demands of us, claiming we’re not doing enough for them, that all of their problems are our fault, and that we need to really start paying a lot more attention to them.

“Nigga, y’all white muthafuggahs best be put me in dat Alamo museum, nigga. I be botta be pop off on that rassis white bitch Phil Collins. He be is deny dat we been did dat Alamo. We been did all dat shit, nigga. Y’all crackas ain’t did shit, bitch. Now make dat bitch ass Alamo museum about black people, nigga. Shieeet.” -The Blacks

It just never ends.

At this point, I’m ready to get on board with Phil Collins and his genocide agenda.