White Supremacists Now Visiting Africa to Hurt Black Feelings

Daily Stormer
February 6, 2017

Sometimes, oppressing Blacks in America just gets old, you know? That’s when it’s time to go on a safari.

When we get Blacks whining about how bad they have it in America and Europe, we’re quick to say “if you don’t like it, why don’t you go back to Africa?”

The problem with that, of course, is that even the darkest reaches of Africa are teeming with Crackas eager to savagely hurt their feelings. There is literally nowhere they can go to escape the onslaught of hurt feelings.

My heart was touched by this poor Negro’s sob story.

He thought he could escape the hardcore racism of the USA by moving to 98% Black Ghana, in Africa. Tsk tsk tsk. He was in for a rude awakening.

Without White oppression, Ghanaians would be reaching for the stars. Instead, they have to do back-breaking work just to get their fried chicken.

Better get a handkerchief ready; this is going to be a real tearjerker.

Black Enterprise:

It seems that no matter where you go as a person of color, White supremacy may follow.

Before college, there were very few instances in which I encountered White people. As a student at a majority-Black high school, I really only interacted with people who looked like me. So, when I arrived at the University of Kentucky, which is less than eight percent Black, I suddenly felt like I was required to represent all people of color. I worked hard not to upset anyone around me and to be conscious of all my speech patterns, actions, and inabilities. I believed my behavior was not only a reflection of me, but of my entire race.

Alternative explanation: it was real – in his mind.

If this Negro really thought the behavior of individual Blacks reflect on their entire race, he’d be a White supremacist, not some “we wuz kangz” tier Black history student. So right off the bat, his credibility flies right out the window.

When I decided to study abroad in Ghana, I was officially setting off to research the effects of the transatlantic slave trade on the local community and to compare the current social and economic differences between Ghana and the United States. Unofficially, though, I was eager to go somewhere where others looked liked me — somewhere that didn’t require me to constantly think about how I was representing my race.

Upon my arrival in Ghana, I got to know both the Ghanaian students and other exchange students from different parts of the U.S. People seemed genuinely nice and helpful. As I’d hoped, I felt better represented. I didn’t have a spotlight on me at all times. I was comfortable in my own skin.

Here’s a little thought. Don’t you think White people would be eager to go somewhere where others look like them too? Just throwing that out there.

Maybe by going to school in their ancestral homeland, like Sweden, as seen above? Oh, wait.

I was hanging out in a dorm room with some friends when one woman excused herself to use the washroom. She returned moments later visibly distraught and explained that, while in the washroom, a fellow student — a White woman — had called her the N-word. The aggressor was obviously extremely intoxicated (her boyfriend was helping her bathe because she couldn’t do it alone), and when our friend asked her a simple question about some shampoo that was sitting out , she replied, “What’s up, [N-word]?” Completely taken aback, our friend turned around and left.

Let me get this straight.

This Negress walks in on a woman taking a bath with her boyfriend, and instead of leaving them alone, she starts asking them stupid questions about shampoo? And she’s surprised they didn’t welcome her with open arms?

Is this nigga serious?

I’d seen this couple around campus. We only ever said hello in passing, but I’d had enough indirect interactions with them to understand that they expressed no remorse for the offensive things they did and said. Once the boyfriend held a traditional African mask to his face and chased his girlfriend around while screaming gibberish. Everyone around them understood how culturally insensitive this was, but they seemed either not to realize or not to care.


These guys sound like a blast!

Also, I’d bet anything that this American Black was the only one offended. Knowing Africans, they probably thought it was hilarious.

So when we heard the couple leaving the washroom, my friend, the victim, went into the hall and calmly told the woman never to call her the N-word again. This prompted the woman to do quite the opposite; she began repeatedly saying the N-word, even going so far as to say, “If you wanna fight me, [N-word], you can fight me.” That’s when I stepped in, the situation escalated, and this woman spat in my face — twice.

“The situation escalated.”

Hmmm. I have a feeling there’s something important left out, here…

Can I use Seinfeld memes on a Nazi news site? Is this OK?

Words can’t describe how it felt to be spat on and repeatedly called racial slurs. I have encountered racism and been called many derogatory terms in my time, but being spat on twice seriously affected my mental and emotional state, especially since I’d moved all the way to Africa to better understand the historical foundation of racial inequality.

His feels, man. They were just about completely wrecked.

Can you even begin to imagine that?

I’ve never been called mean names. But if I did, I’d probably write a long whining article about it too.

The next day, another friend overheard the couple talking about the incident and even managed to record a portion of what the man said. On tape, he called me a “monkey” and threatened to have me killed by the mafia. I’d reported the incident the night before, but after this, I followed up only to learn the report hadn’t even been filed yet. I persisted and requested that the university expel the couple for threatening me and making racist comments.After a week-and-a-half-long investigation, during which I watched them both parade around the hall as if they had done nothing wrong, they were only relocated to different residential quarters.

Yeah, I guess in Africa, they don’t get so pent up about people saying mean things. I don’t think Blacks are naturally sensitive to this stuff in the first place. They just learned from the Jews that they can get sympathy and free stuff by whining about it.

I felt defeated and disrespected. Then, I received a letter from the University of Ghana demanding that I apologize to the woman and her boyfriend for my actions (in my anger, I had dumped a garbage can in the woman’s room and used some derogatory terms of my own) despite the fact that neither party had apologized to me.

Oops, I guess that’s the part he glossed over when he said “the situation escalated.”

“You know, stuff happened, and then the racists kicked me out of the shop!”

You don’t “yadda yadda yadda” over the part where you rampage in someone’s room and spread garbage everywhere while calling them ethnic slurs. That’s kind of an important part.

For me, this incident affirmed that White supremacy is alive and well. It refueled my desire to fight against racism, so that future generations don’t have to suffer through to the same discrimination and disrespect my brothers and sisters of color have experienced throughout history. Together we will stand and fight back peacefully against the tyranny of oppression.

What exactly is the story here? A White couple was harassed while they were having an intimate moment, then some Black guy chimped-out in their room and trashed the place, leading the drunk woman to spit on him.


This is obviously the reason why Ghana still looks like this:

They tried to build roads and toilets, but their feels were just too devastated.

It’s amusing to note that even the native Africans thought this guy was in the wrong, and didn’t think the White couple had anything to be blamed for.

The thing is that in most parts of Africa, the Blacks more or less understand that the White man is a source of wealth and prosperity. They see that their standards of living drop dramatically once the White colonialists leave, and that all the most prosperous African nations work closely with European powers.

That’s why you have a dichotomy between Malik Obama types, raised in Africa, and Barack Obama types, raised in America and feed Jewish Marxist drivel all their lives.

This SJW Black went to Africa expecting a “kangz” type scenario, but instead these Ghanaians where like “what’s the deal with this crazy nigger?”