White Supremacists in Canada Enslave Blacks at Parade

Daily Stormer
June 26, 2017

The Fête nationale (national holiday) parade in Montreal is proof that Canadians are just as racist as they were during colonial times.

The Star:

A Fête nationale parade Saturday afternoon in Montreal has lit up the Internet for the wrong reasons, with more than 200,000 views of a clip showing a float pushed by four Black men followed by an all-white chorus that has been criticized as racist.

The clip, filmed and posted on Facebook by a bystander, shows singer Annie Villeneuve performing a version of “Gens du pays,” a song often sung on Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day, on a float followed by a choral group passing the corner of Boucher and Saint-Denis Sts. The people in the chorus appeared to be white and dressed in white clothes, while the four Black men pushing the float were dressed in beige outfits.

“I’m not sure the organizers of the parade understand the concept of diversity,” wrote Félix Brouillet, the bystander who shot the video. It has been shared at least 5,000 times in three hours.

This is proof we need more third-world immigration into Montreal.

Although Slavery was abolished in Canada and all other British colonies in 1833, like most Anti-Racist laws they are widely ignored. To a White Canadian, whipping a Black Man is no worse a crime than jaywalking or not putting maple on everything. You’re not supposed to do these things, but no one will really care if you do.

The parade was intended to depict fifteen scenes from the history of the province, and the float in the video was based around the founding of Fort Ville-Marie, which later became Montreal, in 1642.

As we all know, Canada was founded by enslaving and genociding Natives and Blacks. Our current Prime Minister is also secretly a White Supremacist Terrorist trying to hide these facts while also bringing in new slaves to replenish our reserves.

Rachelle Houde Simard commented, criticizing the choice to put four Black men in “slave outfits” and called the float “disgusting.”

Rachelle Houde Simard. A French-Canadian Liberal woman.

Looking at this woman and reading her social media posting has made me glad that such a smart, kind, insightful woman is alive. Be sure to leave her plenty of nice comments if you have the time.