White Supremacists (Didn’t) Massacre Innocent Dindus in Independence Day Hate Rampage

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
July 6, 2015

A White supremacist attacks a helpless black youth at Myrtle Beach on the weekend. Or rather he didn’t, folks juz got punked.

One day South Carolina is gasping at news of the “massacre” of three African American teenagers by “White supremacists,” the next it’s being told that no such incident occurred.

Newswatch33 originally reported that “a group of Caucasian males” were found near the bodies of three African American teenagers during celebrations at Myrtle Beach. They said the victims, whose names were unknown, were protesting the confederate flag for its ties to the Negro holocaust in which Southerners mercilessly slaughtered 18 million-and-a-half blacks during America’s Civil War.

An expert witness, Shonda Giles — whose first name sounds suspiciously like a Jew hoax given its meaning in Yid speak — allegedly gave an honest-but-untrue account to a seemingly gullible anti-White news service. He, she, or ‘it’ — according to Newswatch33 — told one of their idiot reporters that “I saw the group of (black) kids wearing shirts that said, ‘Keep the Flag Down’ with an image of the confederate flag. They were peaceful yet vocal about their feelings towards the flag. I saw a group of white guys approach the teens, yelling racial slurs at them.

“One of the white guys pulled out a bat and started beating some of the teens. The rest of the white guys then began to attack the other teens. They were kicking, and stomping the teens, while yelling more racial slurs.”

It was then supposedly reported that while being led into custody one of the Caucasian males defiantly turned and yelled out, “Independence Day wasn’t for N**GERS (sic)! This was for our white Brethren!”

Emergency response units swarmed onto the scene, where two of the three peace-loving dindus were pronounced dead, to many tears and cries for revenge. The survivor was shipped off to a hospital. The final sentence grimly told how police were treating this as a hate crime.

Comments raged on Newswatch’s comments page. Jose Escabar lamented, “How sad. May they rest in peace and may these hateful people be brought to justice. Was your hate worth throwing your life away?”

Evelyn Khelama — who by this stage was yielding to the reality that all might not be as seems — wrote angrily but fairly, “It doesn’t matter if this event is false. The racism it depicts is real and nine people are dead because of it. And they are only the latest in a long history of brutality and murder of black people simply because they WERE BLACKS.”

Which is true, or not, but even if it’s not true it’s still kind of true because the reality is that blacks are and will always be victims of White hatred.

A fake news site, a fake story, but SJWs argue being untrue doesn't stop it being true.
A fake news site, a fake story, but SJWs argue being untrue doesn’t stop it being true.

It was only when Myrtle Beach Online later published a repudiation of the article by officials that all became clear. After running through the details, it admitted, “Myrtle Beach police have no record of the alleged incident occurring this weekend.”

Yes, the word was circulating that Whitey was on the hunt for black blood, and the streets were crawling with Klansmen in camos, which required urgent denials from the local law.

Thereafter, variations of “it isn’t true” and “it didn’t happen” segued into the most important aspect of the story — that the Newswatch33 is a hoax site anyway, which could be easily gleaned from a glance at such stories as, ‘Black Student Embraces Confederate Flag, Receives Offer to Join KKK’.However, regardless of the fact  it never happened, the story should still be considered true, in reparations for all the bad things that White people continue to inflict on African Americans; at least according to those identifying as hominid dinduazoids.

Still, given that there is really little difference between the hoax site and the supposedly reputable news outlets we have to wonder why the site’s creator even bothers beating out its zany ‘satirical’ articles.