White Supremacists at NASA Remove Black Female Astronaut From Space Mission

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
January 22, 2018

Jeannette Epps a NASA astronaut and highly intelligent Black woman has been removed from a future NASA space mission because of institutional skin color hate.

It turns out that racism and White supremacy is still alive and well at NASA. A Black female astronaut has been removed from a future space mission because they hate the color of her skin.

We know this is true because her brother said so. She was removed because of oppressive racism and misogyny at NASA!

New York Upstate:

The brother of a Syracuse-born astronaut said “oppressive racism and misogyny in NASA” is behind the administration’s choice not to send Dr. Jeanette Epps to the International Space Station.

Henry Epps shared a MoveOn.org petition on his Facebook page and called for NASA to reinstate Epps to the mission, where she would be the first African-American to become a crew member on the ISS.

The petition, started yesterday, has about 120 signatures. Epps did not start the petition, but he and several other family members signed it.

“My sister Dr. Jeannette Epps has been fighting against oppressive racism and misogynist in NASA and now they are holding her back and allowing a Caucasian Astronaut to take her place!” Henry Epps wrote on Facebook on Saturday night.

Epps, of Tennessee, and other family members in Delaware and Maryland could not be reached Sunday morning. Epps, like his sister, attended Corcoran High School, according to his Facebook page.

“We have lost all of the gains we gained over the past 40 years in one year? No more!” he said. “We cannot continue to tolerate what is going on in America but we must stand together and stand behind our people and ou(r) nation! Take a stand and sign the petition! Thank you!”

Henry is right to be angry. Didn’t these racist NASA Nazis see the Disney movie “Hidden Figures”? That movie proved that the United States space program wouldn’t exist without bossy Black female math geniuses.

And in case you were unaware, NASA had actual Nazis working for them. When I call them Nazis, this is a literal statement of fact.

Take Wernhner Von Braun for example. Before joining NASA, Von Braun was responsible for designing the V-2 rocket. This is the same rocket that the Adolf Hitler administration used to slaughter millions of Jews in the Holocaust.

Nazi mad man and exterminator of Jews Wernher Von Braun.

Historians have noted that Von Braun would kill Jews by physically tying them to the rockets he test launched. Upon the rocket’s impact, the Jews tied to the rocket would be vaporized as if they never existed. He drew great pleasure from this work and his sadistic method of killing Jews drew great praise from Hitler himself. This was actually Hitler’s favorite method of killing Jews next only to diesel fume gassings by way of Soviet submarine engines and pedal driven brain bashing machines.

Considering NASA’s history of employing actual Nazis like Von Braun, it is not a surprise to see that there are still elements of hate within the organization.

NASA needs to realize that without Black people, there would be no space program. This is just a statement of fact.

Take for instance all of these highly intelligent Black people who have previously contributed to the space program.

Considering the substantial contributions of Blacks to the NASA space program, Epps should be immediately reinstated. Not allowing her on this upcoming space mission is racist and it is just plain wrong.