“White Supremacist” Used to Describe Prison Gang in Top Headline

This is the deal: in prison, everything is by race. This is because in prison, everything reverts to tribalism, and that means groups fall along race lines. That means that through no fault of their own, white criminals in prison end up in white prison gangs.

It is absolutely absurd to use the same term for pro-white political groups as is used for white prison gangs. These are two completely separate phenomena. Yet, the media purposefully confuses the two concepts, constantly. The term is not defined in either context.

NBC News:

Federal authorities in Utah announced a crackdown Friday on 21 white supremacist gang members and associates in the Salt Lake City area who allegedly distributed drugs or illegally possessed guns.

The charges in 15 indictments unsealed Friday target Soldiers of Aryan Culture, Silent Aryan Warriors, and Noble Elect Thugs, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Utah said in a statement.

The U.S. Department of Justice’s Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force launched an investigation last year, concluding members of the gangs trafficked methamphetamine and firearms, according to the statement.

Investigators said they purchased 1.65 pounds of meth and recovered 15 guns during the operation.

“Many of the defendants have been involved in criminal conduct in Utah communities for many years,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office said.

Lawyers for the suspects could not be located for comment, and the Federal Public Defender’s office in Utah did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The BBC last year did a documentary where they just openly switched between pro-Trump groups and prison drug gangs.

Obviously, most political groups that are labeled “white supremacist” take a very hard stance against drugs. Furthermore, the white prison gangs, as far as I’ve ever read, tend to deal with Mexican drug gangs in meth distribution.

Furthermore, one of the former heads of the Aryan Brotherhood, a “white supremacist” prison gang, was Jewish and even had a Star of David tattoo.

This is simply a purposeful attempt to smear pro-white political groups – as well as groups that aren’t even pro-white but get labeled that falsely, like the Proud Boys – by associating them with drug gangs.

It is very low-level disinformation.