White Supremacist Black Man Randomly Starts Yelling at Asians

The single biggest threat to America is white supremacy.

And it is clear that there is one group that is deeply involved in white supremacy: the blacks.


Albert Hsieh and Justin Erfort were walking on Market Street on Sunday around 3 p.m. when a man came at them out of nowhere and started spewing anti-Asian sentiments, according to KRON4.

“I served this goddamned country. So I’m not racist. I don’t like you f*cking Asian motherf*ckers in my country!” the man yelled, according to KTVU.

At one point in the confrontation, the unidentified man threatened the couple physically, saying, “I’m gonna whup your f*cking a** and his f*cking worthless a**.”

Multiple bystanders were able to capture the incident on video.

“His comments were pretty low,” Hsieh told KRON4. “He was very racially motivated so he said that Asians don’t belong in this country. He served in the Navy and events like Pearl Harbor are reasons why Asians are not welcome.”

When one of the victims called the man “worthless,” the assailant responded with, “No your mother was worthless because she didn’t abort your sorry a**.”

“Your boyfriend, you Asian piece of sh*t!” the man shouted at the victims.

The couple, who sought refuge at a hotel, reported the incident to 911. The San Francisco Police are now investigating the case.

In order to stop white supremacy, we need to call out the people behind it: blacks.

This white hatred by the blacks is continuing to rise across the country, and the white supremacist Jew-run government is doing nothing about it.

White supremacy is a virus. Hate is a virus.

The key to curing the virus of white supremacist hate is to inoculate the social body against it by sending a spike protein into the vectors through which it thrives. We have to put black people on spikes.

It’s time to dismantle blackness.

To end white supremacy, we have to abolish the black race and put an end to blackness.

As a white male, I’m proud to declare myself a race traitor and call for an end to the disease that is white supremacy: it is time to abolish the black race.

To end the brutal reign of white supremacy, we must end the black race.