White Student Unions Rise Across America

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 24, 2015

White Lives Matter!
White Lives Matter!

The trend of White Student Unions has exploded across America, as people are fully fed-up with these nasty Blacks and their vicious hatred.

This followed the creation of a White Student Union at the University of Illinois.

College Fix:

Over the last week, at least 33 other “White Student Union” pages have appeared on Facebook, according to research conducted Sunday by The College Fix.

Notably, “White Student Union” Facebook pages have been created for Stanford, Penn State, UCLA, UC Berkeley, the University of Missouri, and NYU, along with many others.

These “White Student Union” pages currently exist only as social media creations, and it is not clear whether they are created by students at their respective universities. It is also unclear if these groups plan to become actual student organizations on campus, although a North Carolina university page states they plan on holding “group meetings, info sessions, rallies, and protests on the UNC campus.”

The different “White Student Union” pages also interact with each other. They like each other’s pages and posts. They share links with each other and comment on each other’s pages as well.

In their timelines, some pages post news articles critical of the Black Lives Matter movement, or stories that aim to debunk white privilege. Posts on these pages also include articles on racial controversies at other campuses or their own. Additional posts are on topics such as Europe and the European refugee crisis, political correctness, links to other “White Student Union” pages, and any articles written about themselves or other “White Student Union” pages.

While it is unclear who created these pages, students and administrators alike are taking them seriously.

At UC Berkeley, a protest has already been organized in response to the “UC Berkeley White Student Union” page. The event is scheduled for Nov. 30.

“This is clearly an outrage and a direct attack against PoC groups. I am in contact with various student groups including the BSU and BAMN, and we will try to get enough people to get this despicable page off of Facebook,” the protest’s event page states.

“Note that this event is not meant to incite a race war. We are simply expressing our view that the White Student Union at UC Berkeley is improperly using the seal, and that the group contains many comments deemed harmful to PoC,” it adds. “We do respect the rights of the people behind the UCB WSU group; however, the group as a whole is inappropriate and thus deserves the consequences.”

It is shocking how often the Blacks now begin statements with “we’re not trying to incite a race war, but…”

Here is a partial list of the schools which now have White Student Unions:

UCLAStanfordUC DavisPrincetonUniversity of MissouriUC BerkeleyCalifornia State University at FullertonUniversity of Tennessee at Knoxville, Penn State UniversityFlorida International UniversityOhio State UniversityUniversity of North CarolinaUniversity of Texas at AustinUC Santa BarbaraUniversity of MinnesotaOccidental CollegeLSUMichigan State UniversityWashington State UniversityUniversity of Central FloridaNorth Carolina State UniversityUniversity of CincinnatiUniversity of MontanaLoyola University at ChicagoRutgersNYUPortland State UniversityUniversity of IllinoisUniversity of British ColumbiaUniversity of Western Ontario.

At least Penn State, University of British Columbia, and the UC Berkeley Student Union have issued statements against these White civil liberties groups, specifically saying that Whites do not have any right to organize and protect their collective interests.

They say this publicly, in front of the world, while Blacks and other minorities are not only allowed to promote their collective interests on campus, but are encouraged by administrators to rush into the library and scream things such as “fuck you, you filthy White fucks” at White students studying.

The biggest problem people have with Blacks is that they come at you.
The biggest problem people have with Blacks is that they come at you.
History is repeating itself. These people want to eat us.
History is repeating itself. These people want to eat us.

The stated purpose of these groups is to organize to prevent these ongoing Black-driven disruptions of campus life, which are harming the learning environment for students who have goals beyond whining.

How can any normal person look at this situation and say “yeah well, Whites don’t have any right to organize because maybe their ancestors owned slaves hundreds of years ago, or perhaps also they are filled with the emotion of hate”? Is that a normal reaction to seeing White people shut down for simply trying to stand against the terrorism of BLM?

Idiot Hoax Claims

Jewish liars are claiming that I invented all of these organizations as a hoax, as if I am some type of Bond villain.


While it is true that I have always encouraged people to become active in the real world, I am not organizing these groups. I am in contact with some of the people organizing them, and to my understanding, they are all students on the campuses where they are organizing.

I won’t say which ones, but several of the groups are preparing to hold meetings in real life on campus. One group already held a meeting at a local Chipotle. I have encouraged organizers to arrange to meet privately at least once or twice at a pizza joint or what have you, where they won’t be subjected to Black terrorism. Daring to organize and protect themselves from these brutal Blacks, they are certain to be harassed and likely to be physically attacked, so it is better if they know and feel comfortable around each other before they put themselves in that situation.

Some may continue to meet secretly as they build their confidence and their numbers, others will likely begin to announce public meetings on campus in the near future. A big part of organizing the public meetings will be organizing security, as it isn’t clear if campus security can be trusted to ensure the safety of White students.

Some of the groups I’ve been in contact with say they will be using the Confederate flag as a symbol, while others have chosen different symbols.

I will continue to keep people updated on this fantastic new development, which is sure to further the rising White racial consciousness in America.

This is far from over.
This is far from over.