White Student Unions: It’s Time for Fliers

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 27, 2015

Right now at Harvard:


It is time for the White Student Unions across the country (and the world) to begin putting up fliers.

The media continues to claim that this is a “hoax” and it is time to fully dispel that particular Jewish lie. Fliers will do it, easily, and escalate the level of discussion. Right now, discussion is being stifled by the Jewish lie that WSUs are a “hoax.”

So, print fliers up and post them. Do it now. You cannot be punished for this. It is well within your rights as a student (or a non-student member of the community working with the local WSU). If they try to punish you, the whole thing will explode. You will be on Fox News, there will be hundreds of news articles. They won’t risk it.

Here are some ideas for statements to make. You can use them as is, edit them, or some up with your own. Just get on it so we can move forward.

Hey Whitey!

Are you sick of being blamed for things you never did?

Make your voice heard!

Join the White Student Union!

I think “Hey Whitey!” might be a good way to start any message.

Hey Whitey!

Are you tired of being silenced because of the color of your skin?

Break the silence!

Join the White Student Union and make your voice heard!

Here’s another:

Hey Whitey!

Every race is allowed to organize on campus, why can’t you?

There is an anti-White agenda, and you have a right to stand up against it!

Join the White Student Union!

One more:

Are you White?

Are you sick of feeling guilty for who you are?

You are the majority, and it is time to make your voice heard.

Join the White Student Union.

And so on. Keep it simple and provocative.

Then, of course, add the Facebook/twitter/etc.

Maybe also include a brief paragraph, something like:

Whites are people too. We have interests. We have a history. We have a right to exist. It is time we stopped allowing the anti-White system to walk all over us, and stood up and made our voices heard. If you’re sick of being told you’re guilty for having been born White, come and join us for an open discussion of race and identity.

It is not hate to love your race, and you have a right to exist.

This can be combined with a black and white easily Xeroxable image of something other than Hitler or a swastika (don’t use those).

I like this shitlordy picture of Thomas Jefferson.

thomas jefferson

You could also use an eagle and/or an American flag.


Obviously, those would be specific to America.

More universal ones (also good for America) would have to do with traditional European culture.

a4bb71cf0232559d2c06b67e79bf04f9 BattleOfLakeRegillus 14196453-Monochrome-illustration-of-a-bronze-Corinthian-or-Spartan-helmet-like-those-used-in-ancient-Greece-o-Stock-Vector amazonwar2 DF3

I’m sure people in the comments section will have other suggestions.

Get on this, boys.

You are living history.

Do not stand on the sidelines.

You are required here.

You will tell your grandchildren of this. When you fought the revolution for the survival of the White race.

And won.

Hail Victory.