White Student Union “Offensive,” But Anti-White Student Union is Welcome at Toronto University

Steve Goode
White Genocide Project
September 15, 2015


A few months ago at Ryerson University, in Toronto, Canada, the “Racialised Students’ Collective” put up posters saying White people are “taking up space and silencing others.

The university administration saw no problem with the outrageous message of the posters, which makes it clear that they are anti-White.

Since then, some upset students within the university have unofficially formed a White Student Union, and have put up posters of their own.

These posters a very moderate compared to the anti-White posters, as they just have “White Students Union” in text, and a link to StudentsForWesternCivilisation.com

The University administration has decided that they don’t like these posters however, and they are tearing them down.

I can confirm they’re not a sanctioned club. We don’t condone this sort of thing,said Ryerson spokesman Michael Forbes. “It’s offensive.

Forbes said that they did not get the permission to start a group, but if they had, still “they would have been rejected.

In THEIR OPINION “It’s offensive.” Unless they’ve asked the students what they think (which they certainly have not), it is quite simply censorship of something they don’t agree with.

Some supporters of the posters are taking to Twitter to express their views, outraged by the glaring double standard.

For decades now, anti-Whites have been silencing and censoring alternative opinions in order to advance their White Genocide agenda.

In Ryerson University, they allow anti-Whites to express their views, but then they purge any White-friendly views. Fortunately, we now have the internet to express our thoughts.