White Store Owner Fights Off Negro Who Forgot to Load His Gun

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
August 22, 2018

It’s always refreshing to see that some white guys still have a pair.

Good on this guy.

Also, good the negro was too stupid to remember his bullets.

Fox News:

It happened at Decor Furniture on the corner of 10th Street and Bosart Avenue. In the video, the suspect pulls a gun on store owner Doyle Stinson.

“I know you’ve got more money than that because this is a business,” Stinson said the man told him, “Once he gets me back to the back room that was a mistake. I go back here, I hit my silent alarm emergency button.”

Stinson said he could tell the gun aimed at his back wasn’t loaded, so he reached for his own weapon in the back room.

“I knew when he pulled the hammer back on the automatic weapon there wasn’t a bullet in the chamber,” Stinson said, “I know the sound.”

He took aim, as the video showed the suspect frantically fleeing the store. Stinson said his gun was loaded. He said he didn’t pull the trigger because he saw a boy in front of his store, and was concerned a stray bullet would hit him.

“If you’re shooting a 40 caliber, it’s going to go through him, through this merchandise, through that window, and what’s beyond that window,” Stinson said, “He’s got a lot more to live than me. That’s true, that’s a little boy there.”