White South African Farmer Who Spoke Out About Land Grabs is Killed in Farm Attack

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
June 4, 2019

Stefan Smit

When someone says that blacks are violent and dangerous, blacks often engage in violence and threats to prove that they’re not violent and dangerous.

Likewise, when some white farmer accuses blacks of wanting to take his land and murder him, blacks build shacks in his land to prove that they don’t want to take his land and murder him to prove that they really don’t want to murder him.

This is normal black behavior.

Daily Mail:

South African wine merchant who spoke out against attacks on white farmers was found dead after being shot on Sunday night while dining with family and friends.

Stefan Smit, 62, had been openly critical of the threat of land grabs on his property – a large estate in Stellenbosch, Western Cape – South Africa’s most famous wine region.

It was a murder seemingly fuelled by a land dispute created when a squat straddling Smit’s Louisenhof Estate was set up, expanding into a vast settlement.

The farmer had previously complained about how citizens from a nearby township had begun erecting shacks at the back of his farm, culminating in him getting an injunction to prevent people from encroaching on his space.

Smit was killed when four men entered his vineyard through an unlocked back door and shot him dead. His wife and a family friend managed to survive the attack.

Pieter Haasbroek, a friend of Mr. Smit, told The New York Times: ‘They were busy eating dinner with friends when four masked men came into the house. They shot Smit dead. What we feared came true.’

The dispute over land has been ongoing and increasingly fractious, but police said it was too early to tell if Smit’s death was connected to that or a random murder.

Wait wait wait hold on.

“Random murder”?

Blacks in South Africa get together in groups of four and enter random houses at dinner to shoot random people for fun?

And they don’t shoot all the people having dinner, just one?

Who just so happens to be this man who spoke out about blacks taking white farmers’ lands?

Could be. It’s not hard to imagine blacks really do murder for fun (that’s what “random murder” means: murdering for fun) after observing what they do in Africa.

Did you know they even rape their own mothers?

Blacks love to murder and rape for fun.

The same dispute saw the murder of Annette Kennealy, 51, a farmer activist from Limpopo province who was beaten to death with a hammer and iron rod in late May.

Just another random killing totally unrelated to white farmers as a group and to the land grabs and farm attacks and stuff.

It’s just blacks being blacks, having a little bit of fun, killing a few people.

Ms Kennealy’s and Mr Smit’s murders comes as the government, led by Cyril Ramaphosa, pushes ahead with plans to alter South Africa’s constitution to allow land to be seized from farmers without having to compensate them.

Ramaphosa has said that his much-focused-on land reform is necessary to compensate for the ‘historical imbalance’ caused by apartheid and colonialism.

Here’s the thing: to say that colonialism and apartheid caused an imbalance of some kind, and to imply that the imbalance somehow caused blacks to be worse off than they’d have been without colonialism and apartheid, you’d need to have THE MISSING PIECE.

You know what THE MISSING PIECE is?

I’m talking about THE SMOKING GUN here.

You know what THE SMOKING GUN is?

I’ll tell you what it is.

Hold on.

Get ready.

Here it comes:


Or any successful black country.

Or any non-shithole black country.

Or any non-chaotic black country.

Or any non-miserable black country.

Or any example of blacks being prosperous.

Or any example of blacks being able to run a country on their own.

There is no example of blacks being better off without white influence anywhere.

How can they even claim that there was an “imbalance” of some kind during apartheid and colonialism if they were worse off before colonialism than they were during and after it?

These shameless monkeys think that whites owe them something, and that somehow they lost stuff while interacting with whites.

These are blacks without whites:

As you can see, they don’t even have underwear.

These are blacks under the influence of whites:

Claiming that whites hurt blacks is insane.

Slavery didn’t hurt blacks.

Colonialism didn’t hurt blacks.

Apartheid didn’t hurt blacks.

On the contrary, interacting with whites has benefited blacks enormously. They’ve not only gained access to all of our inventions and the knowledge of our people for free, but they also regularly receive free stuff from us: vaccines, medical attention, money, technology, all kinds of gadgets and products and much more.

The groups of blacks that interacted the most with whites are the groups of blacks that are better off.

The more they interact with us, the better they are.

Blacks descended from the slaves brought to America are the most privileged blacks in the history of the world. There are no blacks better off than “African-Americans.”

In contrast, whites didn’t gain anything positive from interacting with blacks.

They ruin everything. Our schools, our cities, our neighborhoods, our economy, our pockets — everything.

But we’re supposed to feel guilty because someone allegedly forced them to work a couple of times in the past?

It’s insane.

Blacks should be paying reparations to us.

They should be doing something to repay everything that we’ve given them.