WHITE SHARIA: Why We Don’t Have Any Choice

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 16, 2017

Click that picture and enlarge it.

Look at it for a long time. Like for several minutes, just stare at it.

Then spend ten minutes thinking about how it made you feel.

Then shut the fuck up you cowardly faggot white knight pussy-bitch, and begin promoting WHITE SHARIA.

And if that picture isn’t enough, you need to start taking artificial testosterone replacement. That isn’t a joke.

Go to this website, and purchase enough Sustanon 250 to take a shot in your ass every three days for six weeks. That’s fifteen shots. Buy Clomid for post cycle treatment, which you should probably start about halfway through your cycle, so that you maintain your natural testosterone levels.

You don’t have any choice.

I have never done this myself. But I know a lot of people who have. And I’ve seen it change them, change the way they think, turn them into real men.

Because if looking at that picture doesn’t make you want WHITE SHARIA then you don’t have a psychological problem, you have a biological problem. Well, technically you have a psychological problem stemming from a biological problem.

But you are lacking in appropriate levels of testosterone, and you need to get them boosted, so you can see things like a man is supposed to see things.

Going to the gym and eating right can naturally boost your testosterone, but if you’re in such a sad state that looking at that picture doesn’t make you want WHITE SHARIA NOW, then you need to be injecting something into your ass on a bi-weekly basis.

Just to make myself 100% clear here: I am not joking.

You can pay for this with bitcoin on that website.

Disclaimer: Of course, check local laws, etc. etc. etc. I am not encouraging anyone to do anything illegal.

And No, You Stupid Fucking Pussy

I am NOT claiming that white women naturally want to fuck black or Islamic men exclusively.

What I am “claiming” – which in in fact simply explaining an objective reality, BASED ON ACCEPTED SCIENCE – is that women have no concept of “race,” as it is too abstract for their simple brains. What they have a concept of is getting impregnated by the dominant male.

Believing in “racially aware women” is a furry-tier sexual perversion.

You sir are a fucking creep.

A woman is hardwired to breed with whoever she perceives as dominant in the society, as she wishes to give birth to dominant children. That is SIMPLE, MAINSTREAM, ACCEPTED EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY – NOT TO MENTION PAINFULLY FUCKING OBVIOUS.

In a natural society, all women wanted to fuck the dominant warlord tribal chief.

Because that would produce for them dominant, warlord children, who would protect them, feed them, house them and clothe them when they were too old and unattractive to have a male protect them for sexual reasons.

This is the BIOLOGICAL INSTINCT of women to produce the most DOMINANT male offspring – that instinct does NOT RECOGNIZE RACE.

And we now have a society that has elevated the brown man to the status of DOMINANT MALE.


This is not complicated and it is not controversial.

Look, do you know that the third most Googled thing about me is my height?

Do you think it is men Googling my height?

Does that seem like something men would be concerned about?

It is girls, who hear about the ultimate bad boy internet Nazi, who is making people cry, getting mentioned in congressional hearings, getting written about in Buzzfeed three times a week, getting sued by Jews, calling for exterminations, claiming women should be locked in cages, being universally denounced as the ultimate evil and the number one global hater who doesn’t give a fuck and is trying to bring down the entire system – “but omg I hope he’s not really short tho.”

Non-stop, I get emails from women, like “oh, well, you know, I think your views are really disgusting, but I believe that every person has good within them, and I was just wondering if we could maybe talk on Facebook some time?”

They send sexy selfies.

I don’t respond to these emails, because I do not give three fifths of a fuck about some insane slut from the internet.

And here – go look at “feminist Nazi” twitter. All they do is talk about me, nonstop. Nonstop. Their entire pages are filled with talk about me, what a bad boy I am. Check the #whitesharia hashtag on Twitter.

Lauren Southern is even dressing up in hijab trying to get me to notice her (noticed, Lauren – not interested). And don’t try sending me nudes or I will post them, swear to kek.

nb4 “oh, Anglin thinks he’s the shit and bitches want his dick” – no, I don’t think that. What I think is that an image has been created around me, by myself with the aid of the media, that I am evil and trying to destroy the system out of hate, and that I have largely been successful in my attempts to disrupt the system. Women like this type of image, as they believe in indicates good genes – “good genes” being fighting genes, which will produce sons that are fighters, who will protect their mothers.

This is the exact same thing that women see when they see videos of ISIS running around chopping people’s heads off.

It gets them wet.

On a biological, subconscious level, their brains tell them: “those are the genes you need for your sons, they will protect you when you are old and cannot get a man to protect you based on your beauty.”

A woman past her sexual prime has no man to protect her other than her sons, and sons are biologically hardwired to protect their mothers.


You don’t have any choice, brother.

This is the number one male feminist on the internet:

David Futrelle. He writes the blog “We Hunted the Mammoth” to attack the manosphere. He’s like the feminist version of the SPLC. He says that any man who is against feminism simply “fears the empowerment of women, viewing it as a threat to historical male patriarchal dominance.” He does not base his arguments on science, as I do with mine. His are entirely emotion-based. They are the exact same non-arguments of the “feminist Nazi” movement. And yet he gets published in New York Magazine.

What do you imagine his T-levels are?

Primitive, Obsolete Female Sex Drive Needs to be Controlled with Brutality

The female sex drive is primitive and obsolete. Having been sexually liberated, they are leading our race to oblivion by choosing sex partners based on problems which existed 10,000 years ago.

If your psychology is fundamentally hardwired to believe you need sons to protect you from invading barbarian tribes and saber-tooth tigers, sons capable of keeping you warm in an ice age, sons capable of hunting mega-fauna to feed you with, who are you going to want to get pregnant by?

This guy:

Or this guy:


Once more, friend: this is not complicated.

There is no necessity in current year to have sons who are murderous psychopaths who chop people’s heads off and beat women and force them into sex slavery. Instead, better sons, more capable of protecting their mothers, would be sons who are highly intelligent, regardless of stature, physicality or aggression. However, very few white women have thus far recognized this, and thus you have the issue of the female sexual fixation with brown men.

To Reiterate, Just So We’re Crystal

I have never intended to suggest that women have some specific interest in Moslems or Negroes, all things being equal. I have said that they do not consider race as a factor in mating, and will thus pick the males who they view as most dominant. Jewish culture in the West has promoted the idea that white men are weak and nonwhite men are dominant, so the rising tendency among white women is to prefer brown men. In different parts of the white world, this is happening at different rates, but it is rising across the West, and it is a very, very serious problem (in Norway, a study found that white girls in high school refuse to date white boys completely – that is where it is all eventually going if we don’t start waking up QUICKLY).

The only solution to this problem is WHITE SHARIA.

WHITE SHARIA not only involves restraining women, but it also involves men becoming real men, who women will naturally want. Of course, the restraining of women is in itself something that women do naturally want.

People who disagree with this are doing this on emotion alone, period. Unless they have some argument against what I’ve said here. But they obviously do not, or it would have been presented at some point over the past 3 years I’ve been saying this same thing.

All I am doing is telling you how it is. It doesn’t matter who I am. What matters is the message, and the message cannot be refuted with anything other than name-calling.

If you aren’t understanding this, or if it is making you feel an emotion such as rage or sadness, it’s time to go to this website, today:


Make sure TO read up on stuff before you start using anabolic steroids. They are not safe. But if you still can’t get what I’m saying here, then in your case, they are an absolute necessity. Straight-up.

WHITE SHARIA is the only solution.

I wish there was another way.

But there isn’t.

Also, I don’t wish there was another way.

This is my favorite way.

Hail Victory.